Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Cali Recap!!!

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it?! Almost 6 weeks since our trip, I am finally wrapping up these recaps! I know you are jumping for joy right now. 

{And in case it's a slow day at the office: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V}

So here's a look at our last day in California, which we spent in Orange County. Also known as the day I (unsuccessfully) went on an insane Real Housewives hunt. 

We started the day in Newport Beach.

And I googled Dr. Dubrow's office, so of course we had to drive by that!

Then we headed down Pacific Coast Highway...

...and stopped in Laguna Beach. No LC, Lo or Kristen, but the scenery was gorgeous!

Continuing on, we also did a little drive by the St. Regis, which is where the Housewives are always going, and where Tamra and Eddie got married! 

We had a quick lunch in Dana Point, and then went down to the harbor. 

One of my cousins saw Lauri from RHOC here, but we had no such luck. At the least the boats were pretty!

After that, we stopped in a mall in Mission Viejo, where my same cousin (hey, this Real Housewife stalking runs in the family!) had seen Tamra. But again, no such luck. 

While we were in Mission Viejo, my dad really wanted to stop by the big pool there and see the Olympic swimmers. Mission Viejo has one of the top swim teams in the country and my dad figured if we were already nearby, why not?

They were actually having practice, but Ella wanted to go in! We hiked up the hill to overlook the whole was definitely a far cry from the pool I swam at in high school!!!

Then we went to see Vicki's office (spoiler alert: no Vicki)... 

...and Tamra's gym (again, no Tamra)!!!

And that concludes my exciting day in Orange County! Special shoutout to my dad for putting up with my stalker tendencies and driving me all over the OC to look for housewives! (My mom was at a conference so she didn't get to join in on the fun.)

The next day, we headed to the airport and flew home! Ella was much better on this flight home, and....US Airways didn't lose my luggage this time! (Insert praise hands emoji)

So there you have it...our whole vacation! Done! Whew!!

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  1. I think I would want to see Vicki in real life more than anyone. She seems crazy but definitely the most fun!!!