Monday, December 28, 2015

Baby Ferg 2's Gender Reveal

On Christmas, we got to open a much anticipated present...

Baby Ferg 2 is a BOY!

The back story: I went in for an elective ultrasound on December 23 and did not look during pretty much the entire thing! Then Ella and I went to the mall and searched high and low for boy/girl outfits that were the exact same price. Do you know how hard this is?! Very hard, let me tell you! Anyway, I finally found 2 cute rompers at Belk. I gave the envelope with the gender and my credit card to the saleslady and told her to ring up whatever it said I was having in the envelope. Well, I came back 5 minutes later, and she said she couldn't tell!!! Ummm, excuse me?! I was freaking out a little bit! Luckily, the other ladies in line helped her figure it out!! I was slightly worried we might be opening the wrong gender's clothes on Christmas...but after we opened the present, we double checked the pictures (and watched the DVD from the ultrasound that I missed 80% of, due to keeping my eyes closed!) and it's definitely a boy!

Confession: at our 12 weeks ultrasound, the tech told us she was 85% sure it was a boy. So that is why I really thought it was going to be a boy, and wasn't too surprised on Christmas! Truth be told, I would have been totally shocked if we opened the present and saw pink!!

But we are very excited to be having a little boy!! I just don't know what kind of clothes and stuff to put him in...all I know are dresses and bows, so boy moms help me out!!


  1. Yay!!! A baby brother! So exciting!!! They have lots of cute boys clothes out there (I have lots of nephews 😉👍🏻)!!

  2. Boys really are so much fun to hunt/buy for - especially with your awesome sale/resale skills!!! I will say that now you'll feel the burn of the girls department versus boys department at stores - girls have a HUGE selection most places compared to boys. It really is fun to find boy clothes though!! I love the Belk story - such a clever idea!