Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope you did too! 

Christmas Eve, we attempted attending the family service at our church. It was 45 minutes of me and Travis keeping Ella from throwing goldfish, ripping hymnals and crawling all over the floor. A little time, we will just leave her in the nursery!

Once we got home, Ella opened her traditional Christmas Eve present of jammies and a Christmas book.

And we also left cookies out for Santa (guess who wanted to eat them...)!

Santa had a very busy night wrapping and dragging presents down from the bonus room the chimney!

Santa also had to walk to the neighbor's to pick up some last-minute monogramming (thanks again, Anni!!!!) and on the way, saw some {rein}deer!!

Christmas morning, Ella was very excited!

We thought she would want to open all of the presents, but nope, girlfriend just wanted to get all of the bows!

{Admiring her bow collection}

Once she finally got into the unwrapping, it took forever! Ha! I guess I am just too impatient.

Then we watched a Charlie Brown Christmas while I made cinnamon rolls.


{Coloring at her new table}

After Ella's nap, Trav's and my family came over and Ella loved helping them open their presents...but again, took forever to open hers!

After presents, it was time for our gender reveal!

Proof that all of those old wives' tales are a bunch of crap!

Ella's favorite part of Christmas? Besides the bow collecting, it was getting pulled all around the house in this box by my brother! I promise you, she is getting nothing but bows and boxes for her birthday!

Time to eat!

My sister-in-law made all of this delicious food!! Please note the pasta dish...that was my one request since meat and I still aren't good friends! 


{The aftermath...I don't think she got enough stuff! Not pictured is her big girl bed and new table & chairs!}

Now it's time to take down all of my Christmas decorations, and get ready for 2016...and baby BOY!