Monday, December 21, 2015

Fun Christmas Stuff

We have been busy, busy, busy over here crossing things off of our Christmas bucket list! Here's a look at our past week!

First up, we headed to the Ballantyne Resort to see all of the gingerbread houses they have on display. 

Ella's favorite was this Charlie Brown one because she loves Snoopy!

My favorite was the Eiffel Tower...I mean come on. How long did it take to make that, I wonder?!

Ella loved running up and down the hallways, but she also thought the gingerbread houses were there for her to touch and eat. Whoops.

The next day, we headed uptown to see the singing bears! I decided to take the light rail, because I didn't want to mess with traffic and parking. Ella was so mesmerized by the choo-choo! She could have ridden on that thing all day (news flash: I could not). 

Anyway, we made it to the bears, freaky little things...

...but Ella LOVED them. I mean, look at how still she is sitting! This never happens.

She eventually got up to see them up close, including one bear, who's name was Ella (it's the brown one...with a bow, of course)! She just stood at that fence taking it all in pretty much the rest of the time.


Before we went home, we stopped at the Ritz to see the winter wonderland they created. It's so gorgeous!

Of course, we had to write a letter to Santa!

I'm obsessed with these gigantic macaroon trees they had on display. Clearly, Ella was too!

After a quick stop to Daddy's office, we headed back on the choo-choo!

That night, we continued our Christmas fun by looking at Christmas lights!

Our first stop was the Allen Light Show. It was really amazing...they have music synced to the lights, so you can sit in your car and listen to the radio station as you watch!

Next we went to see the South Charlotte Santa! We didn't get out of the car at this house, but rolled down the window so Ella could say hi. I totally thought she'd freak out, but instead, showed him that he was on her Santa jammies! It was too cute. 

Our last stop was in Cameron Wood, where they also had music playing, and was just really impressive with how many lights they had!

If you are in Charlotte, I highly recommend these 3 houses! Much better than sitting in McAdenville traffic :)

And finally, last night, we went to see the live nativity at Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church. It is so cute...we also went last year; it is their children's program and all outdoors. It was cold, but they served hot chocolate and it only lasts for about 20 minutes. 

The best part is afterwards, you can go up and see all of the animals. Ella LOVED the goats!!

Our Christmas fun continues this week....after nap time, we are baking Christmas cookies! And don't forget to follow along on Instagram {@fergmindy} for #ellas12daysofchristmas!


  1. I'm impressed that Ella liked the bears... those things are so freaky!

  2. How adorable is this!! I love it
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