Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Well, a week later, I am finally writing about our Thanksgiving. Better late than never, right?

{We closed on our house on Monday, and moved on to say I am a little overwhelmed right now is the understatement of the century! At least this is giving me a small break from unpacking!}

We started our Turkey Day off by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Ella was a big fan of Snoopy.

While we were inside relaxing, my poor husband was raking and bagging 25 bags of leaves in the backyard! We went out to "help" him at the very end...AKA run around the backyard while I take pictures of Ella.

After Ella's nap, we met up with Trav's family at Red Rocks for dinner. With us moving 4 days after Thanksgiving, there was absolutely nooooo way I was entertaining everyone at my house, so we all just decided to go out to eat!

It ended up being really great because we could still watch the Panthers game (they had tvs), and I could eat pasta! I cannot stand Thanksgiving food while I am pregnant (and this pregnancy I have been having a major meat aversion...), so I was so excited to eat whatever I craved!

Ella enjoyed her grilled cheese...kind of. 

And what would Thanksgiving be without a photo shoot by a huge blow-up turkey?!

{This pic just cracks me up!}

The next morning, Black Friday, we got up early to meet my parents in Greensboro. My mom and I always go shopping on Black Friday, so we had to continue our tradition!

Ella was so excited she was literally running around Macy's screaming.

My poor dad was not feeling well, but he wanted to come and see Ella anyway. He was a trooper!

I think we may need to get her those Duplo blocks soon!

After a little lunch break, we were back to more shopping!


And ended the day in our Christmas jammies!

I loved our unconventional Thanksgiving this year, but I'll be glad to host everyone in our new house next year...with a 6 month old baby, too! :)

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