Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Goals and Goals for 2016

I strangely like setting me something to work towards! Here's a look at last year goals and if I accomplished them, as well as my updated goal for this coming year! I really liked how (without doing this on purpose, I swear!) my goals focused on different aspects of my life: family, home, health, I decided for this year just to tweak each one slightly. 

1. Run at least 1,000 miles
I actually ran my last 2 miles on New Year's Eve! 

{my running buddy!}

2016 verison: Be active at least 3 times a week. Let's be real: running is getting real tough real quick with this pregnancy, and then I'll for sure be out of commission for 6 weeks this summer. So I'm not setting a mileage goal this year. I just want to walk or whatever I can do that day, 3 times per week. Should be easy enough, right?!

2. Take at least one family vacation
We went to California last April, plus a family trip to Hilton Head in October!

2016 version: Keeping this one the same! Trips with my family are good for my soul :)

3. Go to church at least once a month
This was a big fat fail. 
We did go on Christmas Eve (and Easter)...but with Ella, it is just so hard! We don't like leaving her in the nursery (Trav works long hours during the week, so on the weekends, he wants to spend every second possible with Ella). Oh well...maybe in a few years?

2016 version: Considering right now I have a crazy toddler and I myself cannot make it through a service without having to pee, I think I am going to aim to go to church just a few times this year. But I would like to read a sermon or something every week (yes, Dad, if you're reading this and would like to start emailing me your sermons again, feel free!). 

4. Record something about Ella every day
I've been filling out my daily journal, although not daily, I will catch up on it every few days...but I have something written for every day in 2015!

{Ella would probably also want me to take her to Diamonds Direct every day...she loves that store!!}

2016 version: Keeping this one the same, but also come June, I need to record something about our new little guy daily, too! This is a challenge that I have been anticipating since I found out we were having a second child...everything I did with Ella, I will have to do with this kid, too! So yes, the weekly posts about what all we did that week will return this summer!

5. Get our house ready to sell
This is almost laughable, because this time last year we weren't even thinking about moving, and this year, our house is going on the market in 2 days! So not only did we get it ready to sell, we are actually selling it!

2016 version: Heck no am I going to get this new house ready to sell! Ha! But I would like to paint a few rooms: baby's room is already done, working on Ella's now, then I'd like to paint our living room and Ella's bathroom. Plus, I'd like to re-do our family room and half bath downstairs this year. Totally do-able with a newborn, right?! 

There you have new goals for 2016! 
Happy New Year!


  1. I am so impressed that you logged 1,000 miles in 2015! That's so awesome! & yay for the weekly updates coming back this summer :)

  2. Super impressed with your 1,000 miles! All of your goals sound great!

  3. 1000 miles is so impressive! I barely walked 100 miles this year! Ha!

    For sermons, you should listen to them (via podcasts) during your runs! My church (New Charlotte Church) and I know of a few other local churches who upload them as podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure!

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