Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Snowy Weekend

Well, we got {a little bit of} snow in Charlotte could still see the grass, but it was enough to cancel school/work and shut down the city! 

I took Ella out in it to play with her friend for about 30 minutes, and as you can see, she was not a fan.

So naturally, we came home and helped Daddy put together patio furniture! Because isn't that what most people do on snow days?!

Ta-da! Finally done...too bad its way too cold to sit out there now!

We also watched Kathryn's baby Saturday night, and I'm convinced Ella thought baby P was the little brother in my tummy! She kept saying "Love you baby brother" and giving her kisses. 

Also, please ignore Ella's hair. It was a Daddy creation, since I was busy holding the baby!

Sunday, we were ready to cheer on the Panthers!

Which of course included eating some lucky Panthers donuts!!

Must have worked because now they are going to the Super Bowl!

Oh, and I finished painting our living room! Here's what it looked like after primer and the first coat of paint.

Now, I just need to peel off the tape and touch up everything! Oh, and get some furniture for that room!


  1. I am totally not a fan of the snow either so I am with Ella on this one, don't mind the extra day to relax as everything shuts down but other than that nope! Looks like you had a nice weekend especially with the Panthers winning.

  2. Ella in that PONYTAIL ... stoppppp it right now. And you know I love seeing that bow! Swoon!

  3. Oh I love your living room color! And love your porch furniture...where did you find it?!

  4. Ummm yes to what April said. I love her little pony tail!! your porch furniture!

  5. Ella looks so adorable all bundled up in her snow gear! And how old does she look with that pony! So cute!! Avery's is so curly that we have a long way off from that. And I absolutely love your living room color too!

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