Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bumpdate {Weeks 15-18}

Size of baby: We have gone from an avocado at week 15 to a sweet potato at week 18!
Weight gain: At my 16 week appointment, the scale at my doctor's told me I was up 6 pounds. But, I had on my heavy rain boots! My scale at home tells me I'm still only up 1 pound (with no rain boots on, ha!). I have no clue how I haven't gained 1400 pounds with everything I've been eating. 
Maternity clothes: Yep! Pants for sure...the belly band is super annoying already. Wearing a few maternity shirts, and some longer regular shirts. 
Gender: It's a BOY!
Movement: Right around 15 weeks, I thought I felt somebody moving around in there. Now, at 18 weeks, it's definitely him! During the day, I don't feel him move as much because I am moving around so much and busy, but at night when I'm in bed, I can feel him kicking and moving all around in there!
Cravings: My new ones this month are cereal (I go through 2 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles a week, no joke) and bagels with cream cheese--specifically, everything bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Still not interested in meat, and can only eat chicken in very small amounts.
Symptoms: Still having a little bit of sciatic nerve and round ligament pains, but nothing too awful. I've also been slightly hormonal (sorry, Trav), but other than that, I feel great!
Workouts: Welp, I've gone from 3 miles down to a whopping 2 miles each run. I only need to run for 2 more weeks to make my goal of getting to 20 weeks!
Sleep: I busted out my pregnancy pillow on Christmas night and it has been as amazing as I remembered it to be! 
What I miss: Wine! Fun cocktails! Alcohol in general!
Best moments: Seeing this little guy on the ultrasound screen at our elective ultrasound (and we can watch him on the DVD we got whenever we like!), and finding out it's a boy on Christmas!
Looking forward to: My anatomy scan next week and getting started on decorating his nursery!


  1. Already 18 weeks! Exciting!!! I hope you don't have diabetes with being addicted to cereal and bagels. I only wanted cereal then couldn't have it - that was traumatic! ;)

  2. You look amazing!! And so tiny. I'm seriously jealous. My second-time around bump is gigantic!

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