Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Over a week later, I'm finally getting around to writing about our Thanksgiving!

We hosted both of our families once again at our house. This year, I stole Christina's idea and used plastic plates from Party City! It definitely helped make for an easier clean up!

First thing in the morning, Ella and I ran a turkey trot in Kathryn's neighborhood. There was a much bigger turkey trot a few miles away near the mall, but since I had just run that half marathon and dealt with swarms of people in that, I opted for a more "relaxed" race. Ha!

Ella and I ended up winning the stroller division! (And yes, there were other people running with strollers!) We won a pilgrim rubber ducky!

After our race, my parents came over and played with Ella while I showered and got my act together. 

Trav's parents and sister came over later that afternoon, and made the majority of our food! 
We had:
-appetizers: artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs

-turkey (deep-fried by Travis' dad)
-salad (I made this last Thanksgiving, too, and it is SO good!)
-green bean casserole
-asparagus and brussel sprouts

-dessert: sweet potato bars, pecan pie, coconut pie, pecan bars and pumpkin cookies!

Thankfully, Travis' sister is in culinary school so she knows what she is doing in the kitchen!

I am pretty sure Ella would be on cloud 9 if she could eat Thanksgiving food every day. She LOVED everything. 

I am pretty sure we gave her pretty much everything (except the desserts) and she ate it all! Especially the deviled egg...yuck! 

Ella was such a hot mess that immediately after dinner, we plunked her in the bathtub. After her bath, I decided we needed to take family pictures. So that is why Ella is in her pajamas...I wish I had thought to do this before her messy meal, but oh well. 

We had a great day with our families and our sweet girl! 

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