Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Decorations

So 2 years ago, I posted our Christmas decorations {here}.
Not much has changed, but I've added a few things, moved some things around, etc. I wanted to record it somewhere, since this year I was constantly referring back to the last Christmas decor blog post to see how I had everything!

So, this is basically for me to reference next year...but if you also want to see what our house looks like around the holidays, here ya go!

First the outside...

I found this wreath several years ago at Home Goods and I haven't made/found anything better yet!


In the corner of our entryway is our UNC snowman, trying to hide all the cords from outside (we don't have any outlets outside, so the cords are super annoying!!)

View of our tree from the entryway:

And another view:

For some reason, our tree looks kinda bare and lopsided in this picture, but I promise, it's not at all! 

Just because I love this picture...

Moving into the dining room:

In the kitchen, we have one of my favorite things EVER...Christmas cards!!!!

And also a simple wreath for over the sink:

I finally got a Christmas attachment for my Happy Everything plate this year! {Yes, I know there are less than 13 days till Christmas, but I took these pictures last week!}

In the window space between the kitchen and family room are these guys:

In the family room, we have our stockings!

I got them from Pottery Barn on Black Friday for 30% off and I love, love, LOVE how they turned out!!

Let this little reindeer be a reminder to my future self NOT to put Christmas decorations within reach of Ella...

She loves this guy and grabs him all. of. the. time. Which is fine, except then she is covered in glitter. 

Also in the family room is Ella's busted felt Christmas tree:

She mostly enjoys ripping the decorations off and trying to eat them...I am hoping that might change next year?

Upstairs, we don't have too many decorations, except for this on the railing...

...and Ella's pink tree in her room, of course!!

And that's it! Thanks for humoring me and reading along!!! :) 


  1. Everything looks SO cute! Love it all!

  2. Looks great! Time to have a holiday get together so we can all see in person!!! hehe!! ;-)
    I heart the holidays so much! I can't wait to get a house so we can really go all out!