Monday, December 29, 2014

Life with Ella {week 47}

Greetings from our sick, snotty, germ-infested house! 
If Instagram and Facebook are any indication, we are in the vast majority of you who are fighting off some yucky illnesses! Trav and I are sniffly (me worse than him...pretty sure I have a sinus infection) and sweet Ella just got diagnosed with her first ear infection this morning. She seems to be in good spirits, though, so I am hoping the antibiotics will do their job and we will be healthy for ALL of 2015 (hey, I can hope)!!!

Here's a look back at our {somewhat sickly} week.

Monday we were at my parents' in Virginia, so this day we headed to Richmond. We spent about 20472 hours in REI looking for stuff for my brother. 

If ever there is a fish out of water, is it me at REI. Not an ounce of outdoorsy-ness (is that a word?!) in my blood. So naturally, I had Ella test out the kid bikes, and try on every hat. Duh. 

We moved on to Dick's (clearly still shopping for my brother, but I am little more familiar with this store!) where Ella wanted to play golf!

We had a nice family dinner that evening...

Please note that in addition to everyone's hilarious faces, is my poor child, sitting in my high chair from the 80s. Please don't report us to DSS.

Tuesday, we celebrated our family Christmas, which I will post later! 
And then we went to one of my favorite places in the world, the J Crew Clearance Center!

Ella wasn't so sure about it, but we found some good stuff!! My favorite purchase was these slippers for only $9!!!

Christmas Eve, after a brief morning nap with Grandpa...

...we headed to Chapel Hill to see Trav's family. Ella was so excited to be reunited with her Daddy. She also had fun with her extended family, including her great-grandma!

Then, because we are crazy, we drove back to Charlotte Christmas Eve night, so we could have Christmas at our house the next day (with NO driving!)!!! I will tell you all about our Christmas in another post, so stay tuned!

Friday, we watched Elf!

And exchanged my new bag! Trav was verrrryyyyy nice this year and got me my first Louis! But the bag he got me (the Totally), while I did like it, was a little too small for all of mine and Ella's crap that I carry around daily. So I exchanged it for a Neverfull, which I hope lives up to its name! 

Saturday, I started feeling pretty crappy, so we didn't do too much...just watched daddy rake leaves!

Ditto for yesterday. I felt like I was literally dying. So we watched lots of football!

I really hope we all feel better soon (and if you're sick like 90% of America is right now, I hope you feel better, too)!!

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  1. Sorry you guys have been sick!! But way to go hubby on your first Louis! That is definitely one of my dream gifts!! :)