Monday, December 22, 2014

Life with Ella {week 46}

I call the above picture "I'm cutting 3 teeth at once, I'm miserable and I DON'T feel like smiling." It has been fun times around here the past few days! 

We did have an action-packed, fun-filled week though!!

Monday started off relatively chill; we just hung out at home and played. This picture just cracks me up...Ella looks like she is going to work with her "briefcase" haha!

Tuesday, we made more Christmas cookies!

And then we met our friends at the Ballantyne Resort to check out Gingerbread Lane!

My favorite was this Biltmore gingerbread house! 

Ella thought this Frozen castle was pretty cool (pun intended), too!

On Wednesday, we met up with Anni and her kids for a Chick Fil-a date. Ella was unsure about...well, everything. 

Wednesday night, Ella came with me to babysit one of our favorite families!

Connor and Morgan were so sweet with her; they loved showing Baby Ella fun games on their iPad!

Thursday was a really fun day--we went uptown! First stop was the winter wonderland they had set up at the Ritz!

They even had a little station set up where you could write letters to Santa, and if you left your email he will email you back! (Still waiting for that email, Santa, but I know you are busy!)

Next stop was Founder's Hall to see Leonard Bearstein and his bear orchestra!

I really thought Ella was going to freak out at the bears, because let's be honest, they are a little freaky...but she LOVED them!!

There was even a bear named ELLA!!! 

She was laughing and dancing the whole fun!

On Friday, we went to get pedis with Auntie Kaffy! Ella charmed everyone at the nail salon.

That evening, we went to Frozen night at Blakeney! It was WHOA crowded, but we did see Olaf, Anna and Elsa (but did not wait in the hour long lines to take pics with them)!

We also did not wait in the really long line for a carriage ride.

Saturday, Ella decided it would be fun for THREE of her top teeth (that she has been working on for a while) to start poking we had a very drooly, low-grade-fever-y, fussy day at home!

Teething is for the birds, y'all. I hate it so much.

Yesterday, still teething, we drove to my parents' in Virginia! Ella was a trooper, but screamed the last 30 minutes. I think she was over it at that point. 

I really hope she feels better soon, in time for her first Christmas!!! We have such exciting stuff ahead this week!!! 


  1. Love all of your Christmas events! & you're right - those bears are just a little bit on the creepy side...

  2. I loved seeing all these sweet pictures of your little miss today. Three teeth at once is no fun im sure. I hope shes able to feel better soon.

  3. What a little trooper! Hope you guys had a merry Christmas! Ella is so adorable in all her Christmas outfits!! :)