Monday, December 8, 2014

Life with Ella {week 44}

Happy Monday! 

{romper / bow}

Once again, someone didn't want to sit still and have her picture taken! We have been busy, busy, busy!

On Monday, we put our Christmas cards in the mail! I am slightly obsessed with Christmas cards...and thankfully, they are starting to roll in! Love going to the mailbox this time of year!

We also took a walk because it was in the 70s! Such great weather!

On Tuesday, we went to Target to get more Christmas lights...

...and I started to decorate our Christmas tree. I had these grand images of Ella happily helping me while listening to Christmas songs, but spoiler alert: that didn't happen and she hates the Christmas tree. 

Tuesday night, Travis and I went out to dinner at the place where we had our first date, and Kathryn stayed with Ella! She was nice enough to document all of their adventures!

On Wednesday, we didn't do too much. We celebrated Ella being 10 months by going to Whole Foods! 

She was fascinated by the credit card reader, haha.

Thursday, we went to a special Christmas story time at the library. Ella loved the jingle bells!

Thursday night, we decided to take Ella to see Santa! She was in a good mood the whole time we were in line, so we thought she may not cry for Santa!

See?! Having a great time! 

But then....

Yep. She 100% totally hated it. Every second. But don't worry...I still spent $30 on pictures. 
When we got home, Ella was still really fussy, even in the bath, which she usually loves. So just to rule out her being sick, I took her temperature. It was 104*!!!!! I immediately freaked out, and we went to the pediatrician the next morning. 

Of course, as soon as we got to the doctor's office, her temp went to down to 100* (thank goodness). The pediatrician didn't really see any other signs that she was sick, other than a really red throat, so we just had to keep an eye on it. It was just like when she got sick after Halloween! Apparently, my child does not like holidays. 

Thankfully, Ella's fever went away completely by that afternoon, and she could play with the felt Christmas tree I made for her!

Since Ella was feeling better Saturday, and I was determined to get a smiling Santa pic, I decided to take her to Black Lion to see that Santa. 

Ella decided she still hated Santa. 
This Santa was so sweet though, and he even sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to try and get her to calm down! 

The only way she got it together, though, was if I held her. Ugh! 

Saturday night, we went to Maverick Rock Taco for our friend's birthday. Ella was surrounded by FIVE of her boyfriends, but she was most interested in her quesadilla. That's my girl!

Yesterday, we hung out and watched football...nothing major!

And then last night, Ella stayed home with the babysitter while Trav and I went to his work Christmas party!

It was a lot of fun, but my dress (from here) had sequins that were a little painful! I have scratches all over the undersides of my arms! 

Have a great week!! :)

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