Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Favorite Things | Gifts under $100

Linking up again to share more of my favorite things! :) This week is gifts for friends and family under $100.

Ok, just because I can't help myself, I made not one, not two, but three little lists depending on who I am buying for!

This is mostly stuff I have bought/would buy for my mom or mother-in-law!

2. Karma necklace: I bought my mom one of these one year, and it brought her good luck! Seriously!
3. Shutterfly photo calendar: I get this for my parents every year, it had all wedding pictures, one year was all pictures from their Europe trip; I bet you can guess who's face will be all over it this year! ;)
4. Biltmore towels: My mom's favorite!
8. Oven mitt: I love the Williams Sonoma ones!

Here are some things I've gotten/will get for Trav and my dad!

1. UNC jersey: duh. 
2. Fitbit Flex: Trav has been really into keeping track of his health lately, so I thought this might be a good present this year?
4. Ralph Lauren pajamas: Trav lives in these! 
8. Save the Children tie: This is a Dad present...these ties are actually drawn by kids and the proceeds help the Save the Children organization! A great gift for a minister (or a teacher)! 

And last but not least, here are some things Ella is getting for Christmas...

1. Princess Cozy Coupe: This is Ella's "big" gift this year!
3. Freshly Picked moccasins: I had to splurge. I got these on their "Black Tuesday" sale so they were a little cheaper, but I am hoping they are worth the hype!!
6. Eric Carle Magnetic Letters: Uppercase and Lowercase: I found these on Zulilly and I love the designs on them! 


  1. Those are all great gift ideas, lady! I love the makeup bag idea and gave my husband whiskey stones, a few years ago and he loved them!

  2. Love that you had ideas for everyone! FYI- I buy my moccs from HelloMoccs. You can find her one Instagram too. She always has flash sales and I get them for $25 then. Super soft leather and great quality! Check them out!

  3. I bought those wiskey stones for my husband a while back and he loves them!! Really great gift!

  4. So much goodness here - the Nest candle made my list, too! I got the whiskey rocks for Ian a while back, they are fun :) And I love Ella's pics too! Yay for the cute mocs!

  5. Stopping by from the Linkup. We received some Biltmore towels for our wedding and they are the best, great list!

  6. I always thought bath gifts were cliche until I received some Philosophy bath/shampoo last Christmas from a girlfriend. Now I am HOOKED. Best gift ever. Smells so good, I could eat it! :) Also, I love those baby moccs - we are expecting our first little any day now and I want so badly to buy a pair, but am afraid to get a size he won't fit into! Happy Holidays!

  7. LOVE the Christmas oven mit... these days, around here EVERYTHING is Christmas themed!