Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 and 10 Month Favorites

I thought I'd combine months 9 and 10 since Ella's favorites haven't changed much! :)

I am little embarrassed that it has taken me 10 months to tell you about these! Ella has worn them for months now, and they are GENIUS! They have a little loop so you can switch bows out! Amazing, I tell you!!!
2. Snack bag
Now that Ella is eating "real people food," these are great to keep all of her snacks and pouches in when we are out and about. Plus they are super easy to clean, and less annoying than using a bunch of ziploc bags!
3. Baby gate
This (and those outlet plugs) are really the only baby-proofing products that I think are absolutely essential. Ella would FOR SURE have fallen down the stairs (several times) if we did not have this up! Also, super important to have one that is hardware mounted into the wall (not just pressure-mounted). She loves to "climb" on the baby gate and shake it, so it's a good thing that it's super sturdy!
Travis' parents got this for Ella, and I love it to keep her entertained while I am getting her meal together!
I actually found this at a consignment sale, and while Ella does not know how to put the pieces back in place, she does know how to take them out...and she loves to chew on them, and knock them together (don't worry, I sanitized it)!
My child is a HOT. MESS. when she eats! {Did you see Thanksgiving?!?} These are perfect for cleaning her up! 
I am OBSESSED with this table! It helps Ella with her standing (and now she pushes it all around the house) and it has so many fun activities on it! Plus, we bought ours used from someone who used to live in Canada, so ours teaches us French (I think the ones you can buy here teach Spanish)! 
8. Puffs
Because no list of Ella's favorite things would be complete without the baby crack. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the link for the elastic headbands! We have white ones but I would love some different colors for all of our bows!! I'm excited about the laugh and learn table, Avery is getting one for Christmas from her grandparents! And I'm worried that I may have introduced "baby crack" too soon to Avery. She is obsessed. Haha!