Monday, December 1, 2014

Life with Ella {week 43}

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We are now 100% into Christmas everything...including clothes at all times until December 25!! We have quite a few outfits to fit in the next few weeks... ;)

But backing up, here's a look at our past week!

What would a Monday be without Ella climbing out of her chair while I tutor?!

Yes, she was strapped in....and somehow managed to stand up in the chair!!! Honestly. 

Tuesday, we did our Trader Joe's run to get all of our Thanksgiving ingredients. Ella charmed everyone there, as usual.

Wednesday, we almost figured out how to climb up the stairs...

...and went to Kathryn's to see her pretty Christmas decorations! (And also get instructions for dog-watching the pups!)

Thursday was Thanksgiving (duh), which I'll cover in a separate post...but here is Ella and Auntie Kaffy at our Turkey Trot that morning!!

Friday, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom! 

We found some good sales! 50% off at Gap (plus an additional 15% off since I got upgraded to a Gap silver credit card...I have a shopping problem, we know this.), plus I got our stockings at Pottery Barn for 30% off!

That afternoon, we left for the mountains to get our Christmas tree! Ella LOVED the huge mirror in our hotel room!

{bubble / bow}

She also loved the grilled cheese I ordered for her that night at dinner!!

Unfortunately, Ella refused to sleep in the pack n play that night. We didn't want her to scream and wake up the other hotel guests, so we ended up just putting her in bed with us. I was nervous about it, but we all ended up sleeping somewhat decently!

Saturday morning, we went to get our Christmas tree from Motsinger Tree Farm! We chose this place since it was a little closer to Charlotte than some of the places near Boone (only about a 90 minute drive), and we really liked it! Highly recommended!

There was even snow on the ground!!!

I was worried Ella was going to scream her head off, since she hated the snow back in February...but she actually was very intrigued by all of the trees and really liked it!! 

We initially liked the tree in the above picture...but then we found out it was 9 feet tall, which was wayyy too tall for our house! So we found a 7 foot tree, below, that we liked just as much!

So thankful the people at the tree farm cut the tree for us, baled it and tied it to our car! We literally had to do almost nothing!

After we got back from the mountains, we started putting up Christmas decorations at our house! The pink tree that Natalie and I got when we first moved to Charlotte 7 years ago is now in Ella's room!

Yesterday, Ella walked all over house pushing her musical walker! She is so close to walking by herself!

I set up the remaining Christmas decorations...Ella watched!

Now all that's left is to decorate the tree! Anyone want to help!??!

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  1. I still have my pink tree that I got the year after I lived with you!! :)