Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Favorite Things | Stocking Stuffers

Here are my picks for some fab stocking stuffers!!!
1. Starbucks gift card: Always appropriate and much appreciated.
2. Lilly Pulitzer tumbler: I feel like every year I am looking for a new Tervis tumbler and this one is too fun!
3. Blanket scarf: I actually already have this exact one and plan to wear it on Thanksgiving! 
4. Lint roller: Not only am I always using these on our clothes, I also use them to clean off my white couches (thank you, Rob Kardashian for that idea...true story)!
5. Godiva chocolates: the truffles are amazing!
6. Camera remote: For all those times I try to take mine and Ella's picture together...and I set the self-timer and then have to quick run around to get in the picture! This would save a lot of time and hassle!
7. Kate Spade wine tote: This was just too cute not to include!
8. Tide to-go pen: I might be even more obsessed with these than I am with the lint rollers! Ha! OCD much?!?

...and just because I can't help myself....
1. Owl clacker: Anything with an owl on it is an acceptable gift for Ella!
2. Mouseton Abbey book: Because Downton Abbey is starting in January and I must get Ella up to speed!
3. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle: Ella actually saw this in a store, grabbed it and couldn't stop playing with it. So, she obviously needs it.
4. Legwarmers: I am a big fan of leg warmers and these are super cute and they're only $4! I think I'll order some in every color!
5. Trumpette socks: These are literally the only socks that stay on and Ella needs some more color options :)
6. Bath toys: Because you can never have too many...
7. Owl patch activity book: We have all the other Skip Hop Owl Patch stuff, so we might as well get this too!
8. Boogie Wipes: Going out on a glamorous, but extremely practical note here. We use these all. of. the. time. 

Linking up again with April and Elise!! So fun! :)

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