Monday, November 24, 2014

Life with Ella {week 42}

We are so excited for Turkey Day Thursday! :)

Our old washer had been acting ridiculous was staining our clothes (any one know how to get grease-like stains out?!) and not really, well, washing stuff. I swear my clothes were coming out dirtier than how they went in. Anyway, Trav finally agreed we needed to get a new washer. So with my parents still here Monday, we went to Lowe's and picked out a new one!

Ella was very excited about it!! 

After Lowe's, we ran some other errands and ended up at the mall, where we stopped in the American Girl store! They had a little photo-op set up where you could take your picture with this year's girl, Isabelle....Ella was not impressed. 

Tuesday, we made our Whole Foods run...

...and I put together some shelves for in our living room (which is slowly becoming Ella's playroom). Her toys were already starting to get out of control, and I wanted to have something that didn't look too babyish to hold them (this shelf and the bins are from...where else, Target!). 

Wednesday was FREEZING, so we bundled up to go to Target...

{coat / bow}

...and I also made a Thanksgiving banner! (It says "Give Thanks," if you can't read it!)

We also said "bye bye" to our old washer at lunch!

Thursday, we finally made it to story time at the library!

Due to swim lessons and just being busy in general, we hadn't gone in over 6 weeks. Now, Ella can clap to the music, and she was waving at everyone! She also crawled around when they put out the toys and was fascinated by the bubbles!

On Friday, we went to the SouthPark Christmas Tree Lighting!

There was definitely way more stuff for the older kids, but Ella still had a good time! Thankfully, it wasn't too cold!

Saturday morning, I was cleaning up breakfast and Travis turned his head for a quick second...and when he came back to his laptop, he discovered our child had googled Louis Vuitton. Yes. All by herself. Trav said he has never searched it or been on that website, and I think I believe him. She even pulled up the codes at the bottom of the screen! She is too much!!! 

Saturday afternoon, we attended Ella's first UNC basketball game!!!

They were playing Davidson right here in Charlotte, so we were able to get tickets!! The game was at 2 PM, which is right in the middle of Ella's nap time, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but Ella did really well! And she actually fell asleep for a hot second, too!

Yesterday, we had a lazy, rainy day...

...complete with chili for dinner...  
{spoiler alert: Ella did not like it}

...and addressing Christmas cards (which is my favorite thing ever!!! I'm not even kidding. If you want me to address yours for you, I would be glad to! For real!!)!!

We are going to have a busy week this week, with family coming into town for Ella's first Thanksgiving!! Have a great week! :) 


  1. 42 weeks! That seems so crazy to me!

    M had that pink and white Gap Kids dress last fall . She's wearing it in our family photos we had done so it'll always be a favorite!

    Yay Christmas cards! Will you respond to me via email with your address so I can add you to our list? Thanks :)

  2. I almost didn't recognize Ella without a bow in her hair.. Haha! Just kidding, she's just as cute as ever. :) And you should share on here how you address your envelopes! I saw on IG and they are too cute!! :)