Monday, November 10, 2014

Life with Ella {40 weeks}

I can't believe my sweet girl is FORTY weeks old!!!

On Thursday, she will officially have been out in the world longer than she had been in the womb, at 40 weeks and 3 days. I might just have a mini-sob session, so please feel free to send kleenex my way!!

And also, if you've been reading these since the very beginning, congrats on reading forty weeks of our rather boring life! :)

{This is kind of a long one, so get comfortable!}

On Monday, after Ella broke into my nail polish....

{romper / bow}

...we went to get real pedicures with Auntie Kaffy!

What was Ella's favorite part? The remote for the chair.

{note: Ella did not get an actual pedi, she just sat on my lap the whole time!}

Tuesday was Ella's 9 month check up!

So much happier than the last time we were here!

We stopped at Whole Foods on our way home, since Ella's pediatrician gave us the green light to give her anything except cow's milk and raw honey!

We also stopped at Target. I had to get some things for Ella's Christmas card photo shoot (yes) and also to show her that Christmas is coming/Santa is watching so she needs to be on her best behavior and stop waking up in the middle of the night! Ha!

Wednesday, we had some exciting new foods:

...and a cheese quesadilla from Chipotle!!

She really, really, really liked that quesadilla! So glad she likes Chipotle as much as her mama!

Thursday was Ella's photo shoot for our Christmas card! I know everyone does family photos, but we are having some taken in January (for Ella's birthday party invitations/smash cake, etc.) so I didn't really want to force my picture-hating husband to go through that twice in 3 months. 
So here is a little sneak peek of what we came up with!

 It was quite the ordeal, and afterwards I was pretty exhausted! I did everything myself, and I'm pretty proud of how some of the pictures turned out! (Key word: some. I took 141 pictures, and there are about 10-15 that I really like!) I also got a new lens (this one!) which I highly definitely made the pictures look more "professional." 

After that, we played the rest of the day...I just can't get over Ella's little chambray shirt. I about died. 

Friday, we had our playgroup, where Ella was fascinated with a balloon...

...and then we went to Costco to meet Kathie Lee! Yes, that Kathie Lee (no Hoda, though, sadly)!

She was there promoting her new wine, and she signed a bottle for me (she even said, "Oh honey, I know you need this...its a long 9 months without it!")! She was SOOO amazingly nice! When we first got up to her, she said to Ella, "Come see Aunt Kathie," and was so sweet to her, even though Ella cried while she was holding her. Honestly, one of the most sincere and genuine celebs I've met! (And you know I've met a bunch....Bethenny, Kathy from RHONJ, Teresa from RHONJ and Adrienne from RHOBH!) 

But the exciting day didn't end there! That evening Ella had her first ride on the light rail (she liked it!)....

...and we met Travis at his office!

She was much happier this week than last!

Once Trav finished his work, we headed to the Hornets game!! 
(Side note: Ella went to a Bobcats game last season, but this was her first Hornets game!)

We only stayed for the first quarter, but the game ended up going into double overtime and the Hornets won! Pretty sure Ella contributed to that... ;)

On Saturday, Ella watched her dad do yard work...

...and then her boyfriend, Rhys, came over to play!

Check out Ella's hand on his leg! He tried to kiss her, but I didn't get a good picture of that!

Yesterday was ridiculously boring! We hung around in our pajamas until almost noon, and then watched football and played with Daddy's boot! (Trav stress fractured his ankle running and has to wear a boot for a few weeks....Ella enjoys the velcro on it!)

I'll leave you with an outtake from our mini photo shoot this morning:

Now she stands while I try to take her picture?!?! Ugh!

Have a great week!!! :)

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  1. Oh Ella, you're such a doll! Seriously I am addicted to your weekly Life with Ella. I can't wait to see the Christmas card photo shoot!! I have a 50 mm lens on my Christmas list too, not sure if I can wait that long to get it! Haha