Monday, December 15, 2014

Life with Ella {45 weeks}

Another Monday, another recap of our past week!

Last Monday, I was still recovering from Sunday night's Christmas party, so we just hung around the house, watching Bravo and playing with toys.

Oh! And someone was just loving her bath so I had to snap a quick picture! 

Tuesday, we had to let Kathryn's dogs out. I think it is safe to say Ella is not a fan of the dogs.


We also ran 1047293 errands, including a trip to the Teeter to get ingredients to make Christmas cookies!!!

And on Wednesday, we started baking!

Ella also came to the preschool room where I work at the Y, and she went straight for....not the dolls, not the horses, not the kitchen stuff....but the toy cars?!?!

Thursday, she slept so amazing and was SO happy when she woke up! 

Just look at that sweet girl!!!

Ella also discovered where I keep her is now a favorite activity to crawl over to the pantry and pull them all out. 

Little stinker also figured out how to climb into her baby chair all by herself. 

What a little daredevil!

Friday, I had to straighten my hair (which takes an hour because I have the worst hair ever), so Ella hung out and watched a little Christmas Vacation

Yes, I know, really great parenting!!!

She also played on the iPad...this Playmatic app is wonderful and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a baby!!

Friday night was Kathryn's Christmas party, so Ella stayed home with the babysitter while Trav and I went out! Unfortunately, I only took one picture the whole night!!

The next day, Ella decided to abuse me (well, she does this pretty much every day, but this time I actually got a picture of it)!!!

And we also went to a nearby church to see their live nativity scene!!

I thought it was really cool and Ella seemed to like it...until the end when we could go up and see the animals--she was not a fan of the goats! HA!

I'd also like to add here that Saturday night, Travis and I watched (I'm pretty sure) our first movie together since Ella was born...yep, we are pretty lame. But I finally saw Wolf of Wall was a great movie, but SOOOO disturbing and graphic!!! Eeeeekk!! This is why I usually only watch chick flicks!

Sunday, I figured after that horrific movie, we should probably get our butts in church, so that's what we did! Ella, however, didn't get the whole "be quiet in church" memo (I mean, hey, she's 10 months old...), so she and I spent the entire sermon outside, where she was free to babble, clap, whine and crawl. I think next time we will just leave her in the nursery!

We also kicked of Ella's 12 days of Christmas outfits on Instagram! Be sure to follow along {@fergmindy} if you're not already!

And finally, yesterday, after much babbling "dadadadadadadada" for weeks, Ella finally seemed to understand that "Dada" is Travis and kept saying it while looking at him. So, I figured it was time to count it as her first word! I am still working on a video, but we took some pics with her "first word" sticker in the know, when she wasn't busy ripping it off!

We have an even busier week ahead of us, finishing up Christmas shopping, baking cookies, wrapping presents and trying to fit in some wonderful Christmas-y activities around Charlotte! 
Have a great week!! :)

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  1. Wow! Ella is getting so big! I love all the pictures of her getting into everything. I love that she is just a couple months older than Avery and I have this little glimpse of what my life will be like soon. So much fun - and so exhausting haha! I too had a little too much fun at my husband's Christmas party - watching a baby and nursing a hangover is a little much for me!