Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Goals and Goals for 2017

Happy 2017!

I know everyone is making resolutions this time of year, and while I'm not the biggest fan of resolutions, setting goals is definitely something I can do! Here's a look at how I did with last year's goals, as well as updated goals for this year!

1. Be active at least 3 times a week
I did well with this, all things considered (being pregnant, not working out for 6 weeks post delivery, having 2 kids/no time at all)...but I still feel like I am not in as good of shape as I would like to be. Three times a week just isn't really cutting it for me. 

2017 version: I am going back to my 2015 goal of running 1,000 miles. I'm not pregnant, and don't plan to be this year, so I think I can do it. Having a mileage goal (versus a time goal) is just so much better for me personally.

2. Take at least one family vacation
We took a few! We had our trip as a family of 3 in April to Blowing Rock, then went to the beach when Lucas was 6 weeks old in July. We also just took Lucas to California in November (so not exactly a family vacation because Ella wasn't with us...but he deserves his own vacation too, right?!). Oh, and we went to Disney could I forget that?!

2017 version: Keeping this one the same again! And also, I'd really like to take a trip with just Trav for our 5 year anniversary this summer! Suggestions welcome! 

3. Read a sermon every week

Eeeekk...didn't do so well with this one. However, my friend Ashley invited me to a Bible study this fall and it was honestly the best thing I've ever done, church related. It totally changed how I view God/Jesus/love/life/everything. So while I didn't read a sermon every week, I still feel like I made a lot of growth spiritually this year! Lucas got to come to Bible study too, and he loved it! 

2017 version: I'd like to take another Bible study in the fall (if they offer childcare....they weren't this winter, which is I am not taking one now). I also would like to really try to go to church at least once every other month. I've tried (very unsuccessfully) to go once a month in past years, but surely I can get my butt up early on 6 Sundays a year, right?! 

4. Record something about Ella (and the new baby) every day

This goal is just laughable. Like I really have to "challenge" myself to document my kids' lives! Ha! You all know I love to track Lucas and Ella's every breath. But one thing I did start last year, although not till February, was 1 Second Everyday. My friend Rachel told me about it, and I am so glad she did! You record a one second video everyday, and at the end of the year, I had a wonderful 6 minute movie of our 2016! 

2017 version:
I'm pretty sure I cannot possibly document any more of my kids' lives than I already do! 😜
Continuing "Life with Lucas" posts through May, keeping my "Mom's One Line a Day" journal, updating both kids' photo streams/Tweekabooand recording a video for 1 Second Everyday...whew! No wonder I have no time to run! 

5. Paint Ella's room and living room; re-do family room and half bathroom

Half check. I did paint Ella's room and the living room. However, the family room and the half bath had to take a backseat while we tackled our master bathroom. This was quite a project, but was something we knew needed updating. I'm so glad this room is done now!

2017 version: 
Now I might try to get that family room done, as well as the half bathroom! I also need to paint Ella's bathroom, which is still that hideous red (I didn't want to pregnant, since it was an enclosed space and I was worried about ventilation). Travis also got me a new breakfast area table for Christmas (yay!) and I'd like to finally get some furniture for our living room! 

Now, if everyone out there with 2 (or more!) kids could just tell me how in the world you get things accomplished all day, every day....maybe these goals will get done this year! 

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