Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Organizing My Kids' Clothes

Ok, so I know this sounds like the most boring post ever. And it probably is. But, someone posted the other day in one of the mom's groups I am in on Facebook asking how we organize our kids clothes. It got A LOT of responses, and people were all very interested in each other's organizational methods. Turns out, there are quite a few hoarders out there like me! So if the word "organize" makes your heart go pitter-patter like it does mine, read on! If not, you can totally skip this post and I won't even be mad :)

First up, Lucas's closet!

Lucas's clothes are still sorted out by size. Right now, he has 6 month stuff up to 18 months in there. Within each size, I organize each type of clothing together, and I tend to hang them from the outfits that cover the least amount of skin to the most. So it usually looks like: short-sleeved shirts/onesies, shortalls/short rompers, long-sleeved shirts/onesies, longalls/long-sleeved rompers, and finally pajamas. Pajamas are always last in each size section. 

Also, this is borderline psycho (if this entire post isn't already), but when I wash his clothes and hang them back up in the closet, I put them at the end of the similar clothes in that section. So, if I wash 3 of his Polo rompers (he has like six of these things that are all 9m and are grouped together), I put those 3 to the right of the other 3 that didn't just get washed. Does that make any sense? That way, I can kind of "rotate" out what he wears. 

Above his clothes, I have these bins to organize more of his stuff: baby carriers, blankets, towels/washcloths, and crib stuff. Up on the top rack is where his coats hang, but some are also downstairs in our main coat closet. 

Moving over to Lucas's dresser, here's a peek at what all is in there:

*Top left drawer: hats, socks, shorts (but I will definitely need to re-organize this once he has more summer clothes!)
*Top right drawer: wubbanubs/pacis, wipes, brush, thermometer, nail clippers, nose frida
*Middle left drawer: pants, short-sleeved white onesies, long-sleeved white onesies
*Middle right drawer: changing pad covers, burp cloths, Boppy pillow covers, two-piece pajamas
*Bottom left drawer: sleep sacks
*Bottom right drawer: Hand-me-downs from Trav (most of which he outgrew before I ever remembered to put him in them!), swimsuits

PS. All organizer bins in Lucas and Ella's drawers are these from Ikea!

Next up is Ella's closet!

Since Ella's clothes are all mostly the same size (2T/3T), I organize her stuff by type of clothing, and separate it with dividers: sweaters/jackets, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved dresses and long-sleeved dresses. 

Ella's clothes are also organized by color within each section. I also try to keep brands/similar clothes all of her pink Lilly dresses are all together, all of her UNC dresses are together, etc. 

And then here's a peek at what's in the bins underneath the hanging clothes:

And her drawers...please excuse, they are a bit of a mess right now!

*Top left drawer: socks, tights, white t-shirts, hats, Shrimp and Grits tabs
*Top right drawer: wipes, brushes/hair stuff, lotion, nose frida, medical stuff
*Middle left drawer: pants
*Middle right drawer: swim stuff, underwear
*Bottom left drawer: bloomers, shorts, capris
*Bottom right drawer: cart cover, breastfeeding stuff, child-proofing stuff that we prob need to set up for Lucas!

Ok, so if you've made it this far, I know what you're thinking: WHERE ARE ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS CLOTHES, MINDY?! Well...

Welcome to my guest bedroom closet!

This is where all of the clothes that Ella and Lucas can't wear right now (either because they are out of season or too big/too small) live. 

Up top I have the stuff I'm going to consign, and the things I need to go through. 
Down below are clothes I've sorted but just didn't have time to put away, and hoarding stash. See all of the Christmas outfits?! And all of the summer dresses?! Yes, I have a problem. So, I will move those summer things into Ella's closet (Lucas's summer stuff is already in his closet) when I take some her winter stuff out (like, Valentine's Day and snow outfits). I also put their Christmas clothes in their closet at the same time I get my Christmas decorations out...and put them away when I put my Christmas decorations away. 

So, when I say "pack away" clothes, that is probably a whole other post...but I have a bin for each size/gender that I put the clothes in to, and store in my attic. So if you ever want to borrow some cute clothes, that is where you'd want to look! :)

And there you have it...a riveting post on organizing children's clothes! 😉 


  1. I love this! And I would like to come over and borrow all of Ella's Lilly dresses pretty please.

  2. I always love seeing how people organize their closets, so I loved this post from you! Having a separate closet for the clothes that don't fit/seasonal clothes is such a good idea.

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