Friday, January 6, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 33}

{I totally thought I hit "publish" on this yesterday...whoops! Sorry its a day late}

We've had a great first week of 2017!

Last Thursday, we had get to out of the house so we went to Sky Zone! 

Ella and Camille were matching with their heart shirts :)

Friday, UNC had a bowl game so Ella and Lucas made sure to dress appropriately.

We met up with Mackenzie at the library! The girls played with a bunch of the toys they had there, from the teacher store (Lakeshore). I need to get Ella more educational toys, because she really liked them!

Lucas had fun with Cooper!

Saturday was New Year's Eve and we had no big plans. I found this balloon countdown thing on Pinterest, so we decided to recreate it!

At 4:00, Ella made a little time capsule and answered questions about her year. I made my own thing, but got the idea here

5:00, we did fireworks art. I thought this would be a total fail, but it actually turned out pretty cute, and looked like fireworks! I just cut an empty toilet paper roll into little strips about halfway down, and used metallic paint with black card stock.

6:00, Ella made a noisemaker! We made these all the time in my classroom, because they are SO easy. Take 2 paper plates (or you can even fold one in half), decorate both of them, throw beans/anything that will make noise in the middle and staple together! We also added some Christmas ribbon to give it a little extra pizzazz. 

7:00 was a bubble bath!!! Lucas didn't really get to participate, since I wasn't sure how his skin would react to the bubbles, but he still had a fun time!

I combined the 8:00 and 9:00 balloons, which we ended up popping at like 7:30 (good thing my kids can't tell time...and did I really think they were staying up till 9 PM?!). Those balloons said they got party hats and noisemakers, which they LOVED. We pretended it was midnight and said "Happy New Year!" a thousand times before sending them off to bed. 

We didn't do too much New Year's Day or the day after, except wear cute outfits that I had to share ;)

Tuesday, Lucas started swimming lessons! So far, he's a little unsure about the whole thing, but there's another little boy in his class with the same exact birthday (same hospital, too!) so that's fun!

We attempted to go to story time yesterday, but...surprise, surprise, we were too late. So we went to Target instead!

We ended our Wednesday at the park playing with our friends! 

Oh and last night was Bunco! I won $0...but I'm optimistic I'll win big next month! Or the month after! Or maybe sometime this year! Ha! 

 It is supposed to snow a whole bunch this weekend (aka 2-6 inches; I know all of my Northern friends are laughing at me now!). I am going to go ahead and guess that Lulu will not be a fan of the snow...but I really want to see him experience it this weekend! 

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