Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lucas William {Eight Months}

Dear Lucas,

This morning, Daddy said happy 8 months to you and mentioned you were almost ONE! I gave him the dirtiest look ever, because your first birthday is still years away, right?!? Oh Daddy. Bless his heart. He doesn't know that you're going to stay my tiny baby forever. are...right Lulu? Right?! Pretty please??

Height: 28.2 inches
Weight: 19 lbs, 9 oz. 

Clothes: I'm still baffled by boys' clothing sizes, but you are pretty comfortable in most of your 9 month and 12 month stuff. I can still squeeze you into a few 6 month things if I really try. (The onesie you are wearing in these pics is 6m and you can see it's a little small, but I realized today we don't have any long sleeved 9m or 12m white onesies! How that happened, I have no clue.) I've also found that most pants/shorts/swimsuits run bigger and you can easily wear 6 month sizes in those things. You are still wearing size 3 diapers. 

Nicknames: Lou-Lou/Lulu, Lou-Ba-Lou, Lou-Bear, Baby brother, Luuuuke, Little Chub/Chub-a-lub, Joy Boy, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy, buddy, sweet boy...Ella still calls you "Baby Woo-cus," although the W is slowly starting to sound more like an L. 

Milestones: Still a rolling machine with 2 bottom teeth. 😃 I feel like we are on the cusp of you hitting a whole bunch of milestones (and I also remember your sister hitting milestone after milestone between months 8 and 9). You are sooooo close to crawling; you just cannot figure out how to get yourself to move forward. You actually wiggle your body so that you move backwards, and you've ended up under the couch and kitchen table! You also love to stand and pretend to walk while holding on to someone's hands. We are working on clapping and waving, too. While I was taking these pictures, I asked if you could wave, and you almost, almost, almost did a full-blown wave to me. So that one I'm sure you'll do like tomorrow. You've also started swimming lessons and love to splash and have a killer back float. 😉 You have no interest in blowing bubbles though.

Sleep: You still ROCK at napping! At night is still a different story. Since I've realized you just want to cuddle though, I haven't been as sleep deprived. As soon as I hear you screaming (I usually wait about 2 minutes to see if you'll calm down...Cry it out people, I know this is not how you do it), I go get you and plop you in our bed. You fall right back to sleep and don't wake up until the morning. Every part of me is judging myself right now...but it's called SURVIVAL. I just want to sleep. And this is what works for us! 

Best Moment: Your first Christmas and having you baptized! You also got to see your first snow and start swim lessons!

Worst Moment: Nothing is popping out at me this moment; I just don't like the times when you're upset.

Likes: Your hands (see above!), putting all. of. the. things. in your mouth, being on your tummy, the Baby Shark song, my phone, your sister (you light up when she is around, it is the cutest thing!), Mommy and Daddy's bed, bath time, eating.

Dislikes: Your crib, ha! Also: being cold, being hungry and new this month--bottles. Bottle strike 2017 is in full force.

Health: You are so healthy! Mommy has been pretty sick (first a stomach bug and now I'm on round 2 of the worst cold in the history of ever), but you've managed to avoid getting anything!

Eating: You still LOVE to eat. When you see that bowl and spoon coming toward you, you freak out! I have yet to give you anything you don't like (except avocados, we haven't tried those in a while but you didn't like them the first time you had them). You are still nursing every 3 hours, 5 times a day...but I met with a lactation consultant and we discovered that you are only eating about 2.5 ounces per session. Which is not as much as you need. She wanted to me to pump at night and feed that milk to you the next day as your 6th feeding...but guess what? You've decided that you absolutely HATE bottles now! We've tried all of the lactation consultant's tips and still can't get you to take a bottle. If I thought you were getting enough straight from the tap, I wouldn't be worried...but since you're not, well...come on Lucas! Let's end this bottle strike, please! 

Even if you won't take a bottle anymore, you're still my best guy!!! This is my favorite age, and so far, you have not disappointed! You are so much fun, on the move, and so happy! I couldn't ask for a better joy boy!! We love you more than you know! 

{And, just for fun...Ella at 8 months}

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