Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Second Baby Favorites

I feel like I have been seeing pregnancy announcements popping up left and right all over my social media lately, with many of my friends expecting their second baby. So, now that I'm 6.5 (whatttt) months into this whole 2 kid thing, I am by no means an expert, but thought I'd share a few of my faves! 

1. Boppy lounger We barely used this thing with Ella, but it has been great for Lucas! I loved being able to quickly plop him in it whenever I had to take Ella potty, get her food, etc. You can never have enough baby "holders"! 
2. City Select Double Stroller I know I am not the first person to sing this stroller's praises! It. is. amazing! I am a big stroller fan, so I knew I was going to need a double stroller. This one is awesome because it adapts to hold just about every car seat on the market, plus you can arrange the seats in 508 different ways. We've taken this to Disney World, the mall, on road trips...and it's done well in pretty much every situation. I will say that the steering does suck, but hello, you are pushing 50 pounds worth of kids so I mean...
3. Ergo 360 I am not a huge baby-wearer, but I knew I was going to have to wear Lucas more than I wore Ella. I wanted the 360 vs. the regular Ergo because Ella loved facing outwards, and I figured Lucas probably would too (I was right!). 
4. Baby K'tan This was a life saver when Lucas was really tiny this summer. I got the Breeze version, which has a mesh portion so I could stay as cool as possible when I wore him outside. After he was about 12+ pounds, we switched to the Ergo because this just got to be too heavy for me. But he practically lived in this thing for a few months and was very cozy! 
5. Sit Me Up Seat Oh man, I wish I had invented this! Another great baby holder after baby is about 10-12 weeks. Lucas still sits in his all. of. the. time (even though he can sit up on his own) because he loves to play with the toys on it! The cover is super easy to wash know, in case someone poops or spits up on it (not like that has happened or anything). 
6. Nursing Cover With a toddler, we are rarely home when Lucas needs to eat, so this has been such a lifesaver. I am still pretty modest when it comes to feeding my kid in public, so I never leave home without this cover! If I had to do it again though, I'd probably get a Milk Snob cover that doubles as a car seat cover as well! 

And now for a few things Ella can't live without...

1. iPad I realize you are probably judging me right now...but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I get about 68% more things accomplished when Ella is occupied with this. I try not to let her watch shows all the time...her favorite games are the Lego Duplo and Sago Mini apps (this one, this one, this one and this one).
2. Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books So when Ella's maxed out her 6 hours per day on the iPad (I'm kidding, promise) these are pretty entertaining! I love that they don't make a mess, and are easy to bring in the car and take to a restaurant, babysitter's house, etc. 
3. Stickers It's amazing what a 2 year old will do for a sticker. "Ella, can you go get me Lucas's paci? I'll give you a sticker!" "Ella, can you bring me my phone? I'll give you a sticker!" "Ella stop laying on your brother. I'll give you a sticker!" Yes, you need lots of stickers. 
4. Peppa Pig House Ella could play all day with this little house. I like that it is quiet entertainment!
5. LeapFrog Laptop Ok, so not a far cry from the iPad...but it has some cute educational games on it, and I swear it has helped Ella learn her letters!
6. Color Wonder Books Another thing I wish I had invented. Ella just keeps coloring and coloring these...even over the pictures she's already colored! We also have this stamp pad that she thinks is the coolest thing since sliced bread. ;)

So there you have it! If you're having another baby, basically you need several baby holder devices and an iPad. And a few crafty things that aren't annoying and will hold your toddler's attention. 
Let me know if there's something I left off!

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