Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lucas's First Christmas {and Baptism!}

Well, Lucas's 1st Christmas (and Ella's THIRD...what?!) is in the books! Our day was anything but's a peek at our December 25 this year!

Santa had quite the time lugging all of the presents from the attic down to the living room. Double BOB, weight bench, slide, PBK chair, plus several big (and heavy!) boxes. Whew, I definitely got my work out in. Note to Santa/me next year: buy smaller/lighter presents. 

Also: our Christmas tree is totally dead already. This tree has given me a time this year! So just ignore the super droopy branches. 

Anyway, we were up bright and early at 7:30 AM to open presents!

Lucas was really just interested in the wrapping paper (and anything else he could put in his mouth).

So about that random present Ella is handing Trav above: we were visiting April when she was selling her bows at Swoozies a few weeks ago, and Ella happened to find this football game thingy. She saw it and said, "Oh! Daddy NEEDS this! Please Mommy, we gotta buy dis for him!!!" It was so cute that she saw a football and thought of her dad; how could I say no?! Trav thought it was hilarious and loves his little game from Ella!! :) 

After we quickly finished opening presents and did stockings (PS-Santa hit up the Dollar Tree hard this year for stocking stuffers! SO much Paw Patrol and Frozen stuff there...who knew?!), we went to church, because this little guy was getting baptized!

Just like with Ella's baptism, our minister let my dad step in and baptize Lucas. It was a very special time!

After church, both sets of grandparents and Auntie Caitlin came over to our house and we opened more presents! 

Some of us also tried to eat our presents...

Lucas especially loved Auntie Caitlin's fun necklace!

Then it was time to eat! After my Thanksgiving panic attack over too many dirty dishes, I decided to make my life easier and got plastic plates, silverware and cups from Party City! Best decision ever.

Trav and his sister made a delicious meal for us! We had beef tenderloin, veggie medley, mashed potatoes and salad. I like that they kept it super simple and we didn't have TONS of leftover food!

We also left one potato out of the mashed potatoes and gave it to Lucas!!! He was a big fan!

After dinner, the guys worked to assemble Lucas's car! We bought Ella's off Craigslist, so I had no idea you even had to assemble these things! 

Their hard work paid off when Lucas got in his car...this boy is OBSESSED. We pushed him around and around our downstairs for the remainder of the night. He did not want to stop. He even puts his little hands on the steering wheel like he is actually driving! So cute.

Even though we were all still stuffed from dinner, I forced everyone to have some of Lucas's baptism cake! It was delicious! 

Our little joy boy had such a memorable first Christmas!!! 
Last year on Christmas Day, we found out he was a boy...this year he gets baptized...what will he do next Christmas?!