Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 29}

It has been quite a week! Not bad, just lots going on and lots of craziness!

Last Thursday, my big guy finally made it to the pediatrician for his 6 month appointment!

He wasn't as big as I thought (18.5 pounds, not 20 like I was thinking) but he's perfectly healthy and ready for pureed  fruits and vegetables!

He also LOVES swinging and I just cannot handle him in this jacket. 😍

You may remember that last week, Lucas resembled a Target hey, I mean any excuse to go to Target, right?! He was in the land of his people! 😂

Friday, these 2 characters "helped" me decorate the Christmas tree that had now been sitting naked in our living room for almost a week. 

And when I say "helped" I mean, Ella tried to take pictures of between playing with ALL of the lights.

Friday night, Lulu was ready for his first REAL food...bananas!

They were a hit!!!

Trav and I also went on a rare date (!!!) to celebrate our NINE year dating that weird we still celebrate our dating anniversary even though we're married?! 

We went to our first date spot, Alexander Michaels. The Fourth Ward Holiday Home Tour (which ps, I totally want to do next year! Mom, come down and let's go!) was also going on nearby, so it was super packed. But definitely worth the wait!

Saturday was the BIG day for our tiny dancer! Recital Day!!! 
It was actually kind of major; they had it at a real theater uptown and everything! 
Please excuse the HORRIBLE picture, I was also trying to video her dance and we were way up in the balcony (because--shocker--we were late so we didn't get good seats!). But she's the 3rd little ballerina from the right.

I was SO proud of her! She didn't get nervous or anything! She did so well!

Sunday, Santa came to our neighborhood clubhouse so I took both kids up there to see him. 

Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out too great! Oh well...we still need to go see the real Santa anyway!

After that, I continued my work on the Christmas tree (yes, it took me 3 days to decorate our Christmas tree). Lucas was kind enough to provide me with some musical entertainment.

Well. I finally finished around 10 PM and guess what? All of the lights went out. Womp, womp. So now I have to go do some electrical things that I have no clue how to do. Say a prayer for me. If I can't fix it, I'm just going to leave it and we will only have a partially lit up Christmas tree this year, ha! Bcause no way in hell am I taking all of those lights off the tree and starting over!

Monday morning, we met up with Mackenzie for a play date at ISC!
Ella could have swung on that rope the whole time!

Tuesday was another big day....we mailed our Christmas cards! Haha, you know this is my most favorite thing about Christmas!!!

Pretty sure the neighbors (and both of my kids) think I am nuts for having a photo shoot at the mailbox.

Yesterday, we hit up the story time/music class our church has on Wednesdays!

Look at how sweet these 2 are. I am going to pretend that they will always do puzzles together so peacefully. ;)

Last night, I made the rare appearance inside of Harris Teeter (I usually do online shopping because...hello, I don't even have time to decorate my freaking Christmas tree. Definitely don't have time for grocery shopping). It was Lucas's first time sitting up top at good ol' HT! He was confused as to why we weren't at Target ;)

We have another fun week ahead. So much fun Christmas stuff to do this time of year!!! 

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