Monday, September 12, 2016

Sky Top 2016

Now that it's September, it's time for another trip to Sky Top!

This was our 3rd year coming here to pick apples.
{2014 | 2015}
Last year, it was so hot and crowded, I swore I'd never come back during Labor Day Weekend. Well, what do you know. We checked our calendars and pretty much the only time we could go was Labor Day Weekend! Thankfully, it was not as hot as last year! 

First things first, we had to go see the animals.

Ella wasn't all that interested though...she wanted to pick some apples!

Ella and Trav were our resident apple pickers, while I stayed by the stroller and watched Lucas sleep (it's a tough job, but someone had to do it). Just like last year, most of the apples were high up in the trees. Ella was adamant that Travis not pick her up...she actually tried climbing the tree and jumping (thankfully, not those 2 things at the same time!) to see if she could get some apples down. We finally convinced her to let Daddy pick her up....

...and she screamed the whole time. Ha! Independent much, Ella?! 

Our family picture was pretty much a bust. I'm finding out that the more people you have, the harder it is to get everyone to cooperate! 

After apple picking and taking pictures by all of our usual spots, it was time for everyone's favorite part...APPLE DONUTS!

Y'all, I have dreams about these donuts. Oh, they are SO good!

Lucas was mad he couldn't have one! 

Thanks for another fun time, Sky Top! We'll be back next year!

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