Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 15}

Happy September friends!!! I'm so excited to be in the -ber months...they are my favorites!

Here's what we've been up to this past week!!

Last Thursday, my car was due for an oil change. Luckily, I take it right up the street, so we can walk home and don't have to sit around waiting for my car (which is the worse thing EVER with kids). 

It was actually a nice day for a walk!

Friday, we had Ella's little friend Mackenzie over for a play date and the 2 of them had no problem making total chaos out of our play room! They were so loud, but Lucas somehow managed to sleep through it! 

We have also been getting ready for football season!! Lucas wore his first Panthers attire...which was also his first 3-6 month outfit! 

Friday night, I went to the Harris Y consignment sale. I was really disappointed with what girls clothes they had, but I did manage to find a bunch of boys stuff for Lucas!

Saturday, this guy turned 100 days old!

I promise, I didn't count...just did some simple math (14 weeks x 7 days = 98 days last Thursday, +2 more days = 100 days old!)

We didn't do much the whole weekend, which was much needed (still catching up on lots of things around the house since our trip to Ohio), but we did get in a good abs workout ;)

Monday, we went to a friends' pool. Ella played with these Mickey and Minnie toys basically the entire time. 

We also got a visit from Penelope later that day!

Tuesday, I thought: Ella is going to be in preschool every T/Th starting next week...which means we won't make it to Toddler Time at Sky Zone until Christmas break, so we better go now! 
And everyone else in Charlotte with a preschooler had the same thought as me. It was SO crowded. 

I think Lucas got inspired by all of the mobile kids there because that afternoon he was so, so, so close to rolling over! 

Yesterday, we actually played outside for a quick sec before it got ridiculously hot!

And Rhys came over to play with Ella!

We ended the week the same way we started it...getting my car fixed. Blah. Is there anything worse?! Yesterday, I had to get new tires. It took FOREVER. My car still wasn't ready when we walked back up there at 5:45 (!!!), so we had to wait there for a little bit. At least they have a cute kids room with lots of toys for Ella. 

Lucas is saying: "WHY ISN'T MY MOM'S CAR READY YET?!"

Hopefully, no more car repairs for this girl anytime soon...although they were telling me I will probably need new brakes soon. UGH. 

Anyways....Have a great {long} weekend! 
And, Happy Football Season!!! We have been wearing our Tarheel gear all week in anticipation!!! 


  1. Look at those abs! Haha Eloise has been doing the same, wanting to sit up! It's crazy!!

  2. I spy a scarlet and grey outfit for Lucas!! :)