Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 17}

Sorry for the radio silence over here! We just got back form a whirlwind trip to Florida! Don't worry, I'll be sure to blog about it soon!

But first, a look at our week before we left! 

Thursday was the Panthers first regular season game, so of course we had to be all decked out in our Panthers gear!

Lucas was so excited to stay up and watch the game with his dad!

Friday morning, we went to another consignment sale and I found all of this:

Ella also helped me make some yummy apple muffins and Lucas watched! 

Side note: my sweet little baby has already gotten too big for his swaddles! So we had to switch him to the swaddled sleep sacks over the weekend! Tear! 

Saturday we had a birthday party at Sports Connection. Lucas happily chilled in the Ergo the whole time!

Ella loved playing all of the games, but let's be honest...she was really there just for the cake.

Also last weekend? Tons of football watching. TONS and TONS. 

Yep, there are 2 tv's in our family room. One has since been moved back upstairs, thankfully. 

While the boys were busy watching football, Ella got to be an only child and come with me to HT! We got the car cart for the special occasion!

Also...these jammies that I just got at that consignment sale?! I can't...

Best $3 I've ever spent! 

Sunday and Monday, Ella had some yucky cold/allergy-type deal going on (thanks a lot, preschool germs) so we didn't do too much, other than a few errands to get ready for our Florida trip.

Tuesday, Lucas came with me to a Bible study! 

I am not a big "churchy" person at all, but my friend invited me and I thought it would be good since going to church every week is near impossible with a 2 year old and a little baby. I am really liking it so far! 

Lucas also got to try out the exersaucer at the Y and although he looks less than impressed, I promise he liked it!

Wednesday we took off for Florida, which I will post about very soon! Stay tuned!

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  1. He is such a happy boy! I love that picture of him in his crib! I am so impressed with all of your road trips. Sometimes Madeline can barely make it the 45 minutes to visit my parents without losing her mind. We are driving to the beach this weekend so we will see how that goes.