Monday, September 19, 2016

Lucas William {Four Months}

Dear Lucas,

I blinked and you are another month older! How did that happen?! No seriously, I felt like I just wrote your 3 month update last week. You've had a pretty busy month, with absolutely ZERO doctor's appointments! It's been so nice!!!

Height: 25.08 inches (43 percentile)
Weight: 15 pounds, 2 ounces (40 percentile)
Head circumference: 41.5 cm

Clothes: Well, we are running into a little bit of a predicament here. It is still REALLY hot here in Charlotte, and 99% of your summer clothes are 0-3 month size. They are really small on you and I am basically smooshing every bit of you into them! You really should be wearing 3-6 month stuff, but you only have a few short-sleeved options in that size. Whoops! Cool off weather!!! You are still in size 1 diapers because we are still using up the huge Amazon box from last month! You will be in size 2s really soon, promise. Sorry that Mommy refuses to believe you are as big as you are...I just want you to stay my little baby forever! 

Nicknames: Lou-Lou, Lou-Ba-Lou, Baby brother, Luke, Lukey, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy...Ella still calls you "Baby Woo-cus"

Milestones: You are still not rolling over and have absolutely no interest in doing so. You just love being on your tummy! I'm trying not to stress about it; I know you'll roll when you're ready! You are getting much better about turning your head to both sides and we've almost totally worked out that little flat spot. You are really, really good at sitting and can almost almost almost totally sit up by yourself! You are my little social love to smile and talk to everyone! You smile all day long...I have never seen such a smiley baby! You are also starting to bat at your toys more, and you love to chew on your hands and wubbanubs. I think you might be teething because you have been extra drooly lately!

Sleep: We went through a very abbreviated version of what I think may have been the dreaded 4 month sleep regression last week. You started waking up at 5 or 6 AM (and one night, you were up at 3!) which was totally crazy and unlike you...but then we went to Florida and you seemed to straighten yourself out. So that lasted all of...4 nights. Thank you for returning to normal quickly! Now you are back to sleeping from 8 or 9 PM until 7 or 8 AM. (I do still wake you up before I go to bed around 11 to feed you one last time.) I know I've said this for a few months, but I think this month we will finally get you on a nap schedule!

Best Moment: We just got back from Florida and you were amazing!!! Aside from getting back to your awesome sleep schedule, you were also such a trooper at Disney World! You didn't seem to mind the 100* heat index, or waiting in line with Ella to meet the princesses!!

Worst Moment: I honestly cannot really think of one this month! Maybe those 4 nights when you decided to sleep like a newborn?! But really, you've been super, super awesome this month, Lucas!

Likes: Kicking your feet, car rides, your wubbanubs, lights/fans, EATING, warm baths, being held, being on your tummy, your sit-me-up chair, your bear mat (that you stole from Ella!), when we clap your hands for you, when Daddy makes you "fly, fly, fly" with your arms, when we make you "stand up" and then sit you down really quick over and over, when people say "BOO!" and the Baby Shark song. You basically like everything!!! You love life!

Dislikes: Being cold and/or hungry, and sometimes when you have a dirty diaper (other times, you are perfectly fine!). You also get fussy every evening at some point between 6:30ish and 8:30ish. And after your fourth 8+ hour road trip in the last 5 weeks, you get really mad if you are in your car seat for a long time...and I don't blame you one bit!

Health: You are finally a healthy boy, and then your sister starts preschool and gets sick...yep, you know where this is going. UGH! You've had a runny nose and cough the past few days, but thankfully no fever. We did have to break out your NoseFrida and you are not the biggest fan. I am crossing my fingers that Ella didn't infect you too much!

Eating: You are still awesome at eating! Every 3 hours for 6 feedings a day. I can't remember the last time you had a bottle (maybe a week or 2 ago?) but you had about 5 ounces, maybe a little more. We may start rice cereal this month, but I don't's so gross...we'll see what the doctor says on Thursday!

Lou Lou, I can't believe you are a whole 1/3 of a year old!! You are getting more fun and cuter every day...if that is even possible! I have yet to meet a happier are always smiling and everyone always comments on how joyful you are! We love you so much!

{And, just for fun...Ella at 4 months}

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  1. He is is cute. Madeline needs bigger clothes, too. I just need the weather to cool off. We have fall clothes galore in her size. She is with sitting up like Lucas is with rolling. She has no interest in it. She can sit briefly then just flips over onto her tummy. So frustrating for me but they all have a mind of their own!