Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas 2018

Bennett's first Christmas was one for the books!
This is how he felt most of the day:

Ha! He was a tad overwhelmed. But Ella and Lucas were basically living their best lives all day, and Santa spoiled all 3 kids so much!

Ready to go downstairs on Christmas morning!

Ella and Lucas were both THRILLED with their Santa gifts!!!

(all of their presents that I was responsible for purchasing are HERE)

Bennett just watched the big kids open presents.

Then Ella and Lucas opened his presents for him, which was a win for all parties! 

Obviously very excited about his Cozy Coupe (that is upside-down).

Moving on to the stockings...

Lucas was PUMPED to find this chocolate truck (I hear Santa hit up the Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers 😉)!!

After we got dressed the grandparents arrived and holy moly, did they buy my kids a lot of presents! I know they are all reading y'all are going to have a limit next year! Ha!!!


Why I thought this drum was a good idea to put on his wish list is beyond me. The thing is LOUD! I will say the quality is awesome and Lucas loves it, so that's all that really matters, right?!

Ella officially owns every Peppa Pig toy ever created now. 

Bennett wasn't quite sure what to make of all these toys!!

Ella's favorite gift?! This bouncy ball, just like Peppa Pig, of course! 

Our meal was pretty simple!! Trav grilled some beef, and then we also had roasted veggies, fingerling potatoes, salad, creamed spinach and bread!

And what would a holiday gathering be if I didn't make everyone take a picture?!

(Just please ignore Trav's face...I don't know what his deal was!)

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

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