Friday, January 4, 2019

Life with Bennett {19 weeks}

Whoa whoa whoa, 3 posts 3 days in a row?!? That's right!
This is not some New Year's resolution though friends...this is just me avoiding cleaning my house / having lots of blogging to catch up on! So I'll be back to my regularly scheduled boring once-a-week posts probably, oh next week! 

I realize I left you hanging after Christmas (I know you've been concerned!), so we'll pick up there!

The day after Christmas, we had this sweet boy's 4 month well visit!

My parents were still in town and Trav was off from work, so Ella and Lucas stayed home with Trav while my mom came with me and Bennett to the doctor! Look at this sweet boy and his heel warmer...

He doesn't have to wear another heel warmer for a few months now because he has a nice strong hemoglobin of 12.7!!!!

The next day, I ran into my dad's car. In my driveway. While driving my car that has a backup camera. Yes, I really am that bad of a driver. I didn't get voted "Most Accident Prone" in high school for nothing.

If anyone would like to send me $2000 so I can pay for the damage to my parents' car that would be super. I take cash, check, Paypal or Venmo. Oh and of course my car is totally fine! Go figure. 

We spent the rest of the week trying out our new Christmas toys...

...which included testing out our new dryer!!!

You know you're old when this is exciting.

The Lowe's truck that delivered it was equally as exciting for Lucas!

I also took Ella ice skating!

She decided it was "much, much more difficult" than Peppa Pig made it seem, and the rental skates left some nasty blisters on her ankles. But she still had fun and only fell down about 10 times. 

Love spending 1-on-1 time with my best girl!

Saturday night, Trav and I heard this howling cry coming from upstairs. Not Ella, not Bennett...but sweet little Lucas. He was crying because...wait for it...he wanted to watch football with Daddy! Bless his sweet heart. We couldn't say no! 

After his big night, homeboy wanted Bojangles for breakfast the next morning. I am not even making this up. Such a college party boy already! Ha!

We finally put away ALL of the Christmas trees (we are up to 5 trees total, good grief!) and Bennett "helped" me vacuum up the 12,000 pine needles everywhere. He loves the vacuum!

Monday was New Year's Eve, which meant it was time for our annual "countdown." 

Our activities this year were:
- make a 2019 poster
-Hats and horns (omg the horns! Whyyy do I do these things to myself?!)
-Chick Fil-A for dinner (which closed at 6...we pulled in the parking lot at 6:15. Womp, womp. So Showmars it was instead!)
-color bath with bath drops

This sweet baby was not sure what the heck to make of all this but thankfully, he was on my team about those loud horns!!!

This girl had a legit MELTDOWN when we pulled into the Chick Fil A parking lot to find out it was closed. She was hysterical! Thankfully she calmed down and happily ate her Showmars mac & cheese.

And then Lucas decided to have his meltdown during bath time. He HATED that purple water at first (Ella chose the color), but he got used to it after about 2 minutes!

Bennett actually slept decent on New Year's Eve and did not ring in the new year by waking up at midnight! 

Both big kids loved watching the Rose Parade!

I also started the Simplicity Challenge because you all know how much I love Emily Ley and getting organized!!! You can find each day's challenge on her Instagram here.

I also didn't know what year it was. I guess I'm still living in 2018. Thanks for telling me, Dana!!!

I have also been on a mission to organize my kids' toys! Here's what I did in the bonus room the other day...


Still need to purge A LOT of toys that we don't play with any more, but at least everything has a home for now. I still need to make labels for the bins, so {hopefully} my kids can clean up independently! 

My friend Chelsea brought her kids over on Wednesday morning. She just organized all of her kids' toys so that was what inspired me! Thanks Chels Bells for letting my copy your whole system!!!

And finally, yesterday was THE most glorious day because after 3 LOOOONG weeks, Ella finally went back to preschool!!!

I'm already trying to figure out things for her to do this summer, because I lost count of how many times she body slammed Lucas over Christmas break. True story. 

Have a wonderful first weekend of 2019!!!

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