Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 5}

We are halfway to double digit weeks! Time, slow down!!

Last Thursday, I got the bright idea to recreate this picture that I had done when Ella was 4 months old. 
Let me just say that 2 year old is very difficult to photograph and a newborn is also very difficult to when you put them together it is basically impossible to get a good picture! 
This was the best I could do:

Oh well. Happy Father's Day, Trav. I tried.

After that, I needed a little Target/Starbucks therapy.

Friday we went to ImaginOn for story time.

Lucas was--suprisingly--awake and into it!

They also had this really cool Mr. Potato Head exhibit. Ella loved playing with all of the different things, although I am not even going to think about how many germs were on all of the Mr. Potato Head pieces.

Lucas didn't get to make a Mr. Potato Head, but he really wanted to!

Saturday was Farm Day at the Nature Museum, so we went....and Ella just wanted to look at the turtles. Which, in case you weren't aware, are not farm animals and are always at the Nature Museum. 

We finally managed to get her away from the turtles and she got to pet lots of different farm animals outside!

We also saw Mackenzie!

Sunday was Father's Day and Lucas's one month birthday, so we went to the Knights baseball game to celebrate. 

I'd just like to point out that Ella is not appropriately dressed for this baseball game. I put her golf dress on for the U.S. Open, which was also that day. She does not have a baseball outfit. We will work on it. Please forgive me.
Lucas, however, did have on a baseball outfit (there was a baseball on his butt) and it also said "Daddy's MVP 01" on the front...perfect for Father's Day AND your 1 month birthday, if I do say so myself! 

When we got home, Ella had some....bathroom issues, shall we say. Poor girl. 
That fun continued into Monday morning, where she not only had it coming out of one end, but she also threw up too. UGHHHH.
Once she felt better, I, again, needed Target and Starbucks therapy. 

Because of our little sickie, the rest of Monday was pretty boring, and I spent most of it taking Ella to the bathroom and keeping her away from Lucas. 
We watched entirely too much tv and movies. The good news is that I think Lucas enjoyed Finding Nemo

Tuesday Ella seemed to be feeling better so we went to story time at Pottery Barn Kids. She got to help out with one of the stories! 

...and Lucas slept.

We also hit up the Lilly store...

...and I tried on a bunch of things that didn't look good on me. Womp, womp.

Yesterday we spent some time outside while our yard guy tried to fix our sprinklers (our grass is almost 100% dead and our sprinkler system is all messed up, so yay for that). 

We also went to Target...again, to get some popsicles for Ella. Bonus that they were Dory ones!

Oh and Lucas "helped" me vacuum! 

I know some babies are terrified of the vacuum, but Ella loved it (and still does) and clearly Lucas does not mind it either! When can I start making them do the vacuuming?!

So there you have it...another exciting week of a sick toddler, lots of Starbucks and an excessive amount of trips to Target. 
I'll try and make things more exciting for you next week! ;)


  1. I cannot get over how close we are to target now. Whenever I am bored or need a walk in this heat to target we go. Hope Ella is feeling all better. Madeline needs a golf smocked dress. Corey would adore that. I just shop for her now since every time I try to purchase something for me, I'm living your Lilly dressing room experience. One day I'll get my act together I guess!