Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 4}

How the heck is this guy already 4 weeks old?!

I guess he's technically considered a month old, if you subscribe to the "four weeks in a month" school of thought. Someone hold me. 

Anyway, here's what we've been up to!

Last Thursday, we went to library story time and it was a hit with Lucas!

We also stopped by the park to swing with Mackenzie!

Friday was another hemoglobin check for Lucas.

We also played with the water table!

Baby brother supervised. 

Saturday morning, I went to get my haircut and brought Lucas with me. The girl who cuts my hair was soooo excited I brought him!

Meanwhile, big sister was helping Daddy assemble his new grill! She even got to hammer on the wheels...she was so proud of herself.

Saturday night, I came downstairs to find this:

Lucas really likes looking at the lights in our house (as all newborns do, I'm sure), so Trav set him up right in front of the lamp. It just cracked me up.

Sunday morning, Ella and I went to swim at Kathryn's pool!

I didn't bring Lucas because it was SUPER hot and I knew he couldn't get in, or even wear sunscreen. So he stayed home and watched golf with Daddy.
Ella had fun with all of her friends, though!

And when we got home, Ella really wanted Lucas to come swimming with her...

First thing Monday morning, we had to head to the lab to get blood work done on Lucas. His hemoglobin had dropped quite a bit at his checkup Friday, so they wanted us to get a more thorough check at the lab. 

Ella helped by holding the warmer on his heel so that he would bleed well. 
I was SO nervous about this blood work coming back because if Lucas's levels were low enough, he was going to have to be re-admitted to the hospital and potentially get another blood transfusion. 
Luckily, everything came back great (and his hemoglobin was actually higher than it had been Friday)! So we are good until his one month check up next week, when they will check that hemoglobin again! 

This called for a celebration....or a trip to Starbucks/Target.

Tuesday morning, we went to Sky Zone!

And we opened a savings account for Lucas! He was very bored by it, clearly.

Apparently, when you have your second child, everyone gives you money instead of gifts. Which is fabulous. But then your money-conscious husband wants you to SAVE some of that money. Save? What does that mean?! So I had to get Lucas his own account so I didn't "accidentally" spend all of his birth money! 

Wednesday, we attempted another splash pad (local friends, this one was in Stallings and it was great!). It was so freaking phone said it felt like 93*, and this was at 10:30 AM. 

{Don't worry, I had him covered from the sun the whole time except to take this picture!}

Unfortunately, Ella was TERRIFIED of the splash pad. She had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. I would have given my left arm to go run through that cool water, but she was not a fan at all. 

I was literally sweating through my clothes, and Lucas was super warm too, so we said screw the splash pad, and just went to Chick Fil A! 

Ahhhh, playing in air-conditioning!! 

Lucas's first Chick Fil A experience! He was a little bored I think!

And there you have it...another fun week out of the hospital and in the books for Lucas! 

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