Thursday, June 9, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 3}

How is my sweet boy 3 weeks old already?!? 

{side note: I totally forgot all about newborns and their crossed eyes...but this pic was too cute, even though his eyes are wacko!}

The 12 days in the hospital went by soooooooo sloooowww...but now that we are home, time is flying!

We kicked off Lucas's 3rd week of life last Thursday with a trip to the pediatrician to check his bilirubin, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. 

We also had to make a trip to the lab, since they can only check his hemoglobin in the ped's office and not the other 2 things...Ella was a great helper!

Friday, we got the crazy idea to hit up the splash park... was crazy packed with about 3 different schools' field trips. Ella was SOOO not a fan.

It also happened to be National Donut Day, so we stopped by Duck Donuts on our way home!!! So good!!

After naps, I attempted my first grocery store run with 2 kids. 

It's safe to say I will be ordering online and picking up from now on! 

Saturday morning, we met our friends at Discovery Place!

Lucas and I went to Target while Ella was home with Daddy napping! He was not too excited about his first Target trip, he slept the whole time!

Saturday night, Lucas had his first bath at home...he hated it. Poor guy!

But, gahhhh do I love a clean baby in a hooded animal towel!

Sunday, we had Lucas's newborn pictures!

I absolutely cannot wait to get them back!! You know I will share them as soon as I do!

Monday was back to the grind...this is my audience for my showers these days. 

Monday morning, we had to go to the pediatrician again to get Lucas's hemoglobin checked. Luckily, they did not send us to the lab this time to check the other stuff. 

Homeboy now weighs over EIGHT pounds!

Monday afternoon was pretty rainy, so we had some friends over to play and we all participated in tummy time. 

Tuesday, we went to story time at Pottery Barn Kids...

...and saw a familiar face, baby Penelope!

Since Tuesday was Trav's birthday, Ella really wanted to make him a cake. So we went to HT and she picked out all the ingredients...she really wanted to make him a chocolate cake (not exactly his fav, but she was dead set on it) with white frosting and blue letters. Ha! 

We also made him cards...Lucas helped! 

Yesterday, we hung around the house in the morning and played.

Our sweet babysitter also came by to meet Lucas!

After naps, we met some friends at the playground!

We have another jam-packed week ahead of us, but you know that's how I like to roll! 


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  1. I just love your weekly updates! :) And wow you are one amazing mama with such a busy schedule! We are just almost at 2 weeks since birth (and C-section ugh) and I'm desperate for some social interaction and to drive and feel more independent! We've been on a few outings to Target and such, but mostly I just feel like I'm going stir crazy!