Friday, June 3, 2016

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!!!

1. My husband gave me a super nice push present...a very generous gift card to Nordstrom! He said I haven't bought non-maternity clothes in a while (true story!), so I needed to have a little shopping spree!! Love him so much. 

Anyways, Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale is going on now, so I kind of wanted to use this gift card ASAP! body is in SUCH weird shape, only being 2 weeks postpartum. And I don't want to waste this gift card on stuff that only fits me now...ya know?! So here's what I have in my shopping bag currently:

So tell me: Should I wait for the big Nordstrom sale later this summer? Should I buy a few things now? What would you buy with a large amount of money at Nordstrom?! 

2. Last Saturday, Ella and I went with our friends to the cutest little story time at SAS Cupcakes! For just $5, each girl got to listen to a story (one of my faves, Pinkalicious!), decorate two cupcakes, and take their picture with a princess. Ella was super, super into it. $5 very well spent!

The next story time like this is June 11, only it's a Frozen theme if any of you Charlotte people are interested!! You can see more info {here}.

3. This is so random, but I acquired this magical little bottle from the NICU:

Yes, that would be spray on diaper cream. 
Moms. Listen. Maybe I have just been living under a rock, but did you even know spray on diaper cream existed?! I have GOT to find this stuff on Amazon or something. It has been life. changing. 

4. Yesterday, we went on a 3 hour extravaganza to the pediatrician and lab for Lucas's blood work. The best news ever: his bilirubin was a 5!!! FIVE!! That's the lowest it's ever been and just about normal!! I never thought he looked jaundice until I started looking back at older pictures yesterday...

1. When he was born: bilirubin was a 6 or 7. 
2. 5 days old (when we thought we might be able to bring him home): bilirubin was 17! Yikes. He is like Winnie the Pooh color here. 
3. Yesterday: bilirubin at 5! 

5. Now that I'm not driving back and forth to the hospital 3 times a day anymore, I have more time to see my friends again! I actually, miraculously, made it to Bunco Wednesday, and I have dinner tonight with some girlfriends!

Can't wait to see a bunch of these ladies tonight!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Lucas is such a cutie!! And spray on diaper cream sounds amazing!