Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 2}

First off, I just want to say thank you so much for everyone who has reached out and kept Lucas in their thoughts and prayers. We definitely felt so much love for our sweet boy and we are so thankful for all of you!! 

Well, I am happy to report that even though he officially hates having his picture taken, Lucas had a much better week than last week!

When we last left off, the poor little guy was just recovering from 2 blood transfusions. 

His bilirubin levels started to come down Friday, so they took off the foil around his basinet!

Bye, bye, spaceship. 

He also got a sign made by one of the nurses...each NICU baby has one on their basinet. When we went back to visit him later Friday night, we discovered he had been moved out of the bigger basinet (above) into a smaller one:

Apparently, he had scootched himself down so far in the bigger basinet (plus it's on a slight angle), that the nurses said he about fell out of it! They had never seen anything like it! Crazy boy! 
He thought that was pretty funny :)

Over the next few days, they took away one light at a time to see how Lucas's body would react. By Sunday night, he had gone from aluminum foil, 3 lights over top, plus a biliblanket underneath to just ONE light! 

Monday, they stopped all of the lights to see how he would do. I was incredibly nervous, especially since we had just tried this last Monday and his bilirubin had skyrocketed as a result. 

Lucas also finally got to wear clothes and get swaddled! Before, he had to be in just a diaper under the lights...but he was so happy to have clothes on now!

In between visits to see Lucas in his real clothes and real swaddle, Ella and I met Kathryn for lunch at her country club!

And we also hit up our neighborhood pool!

Tuesday, I was incredibly nervous to get Lucas's lab results. The neonatologist had told me Monday night that if they were perfect, Lucas could come home Tuesday. 

I called the NICU first thing Tuesday morning before heading up there, and they told me: LUCAS HAS DISCHARGE ORDERS!!!! He was coming home!!!!!

Pretty much the best day of my life. Right up there with my wedding and the days Ella and Lucas were born. 

Trev left work and met me at the hospital.

Lucas got to wear the same outfit that his daddy wore home from the hospital almost 32 years ago! 

I couldn't believe we were actually, FINALLY taking our baby home from the hospital!!! It had been a loooong 12 days. 

Over the past 2 days, we have been settling in at home! 
Lucas LOVES the mamaroo, just like his sister.

We have been taking lots of walks.

And yesterday, I attempted story time and the mall with 2 kids. Big shoutout to my mom, who was still here, for helping out!

{Lucas's first Chipotle "experience"!}

{I had to go to the mall to get these monogrammed...I'm obsessed!}

Lucas has been doing great so far at home! The only thing not going so well: sleeping at night. Ohhhh Lucas. Buddy. We have got to get this under control. The nurses in the NICU spoiled him so badly, giving him bottles of breastmilk all night. So he has been waking up the past 2 nights about 4-5 times per night...sometimes only an hour after his last feeding! He's lucky he's cute...and I'm glad I can drink copious amounts of caffeine again!

My mom left yesterday, so now the fun of navigating life with 2 kids begins!!  We have a lot of fun things planned this upcoming week! 


  1. So glad to hear he is doing better and is home-answered prayers for sure!! Can't wait to hear about life with two as this will be my reality in August!

  2. What a little trooper! So glad you guys are home. That must've been so hard for you!

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