Monday, June 6, 2016

Lately | June

I totally forgot to do one of these in May (I know you were missing it!), but here's what's going on with us this month!

Wearing: NOT maternity clothes!!! Actually, wait...some maternity clothes still. My regular clothes are still a little small on me. UGH. I hate this in between stage after you have a baby! I'm also obsessed with these tees from Target:

They are perfect for my weird body right now!

Reading: Nothing currently, but I need to re-read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

This newborn sleep situation is for the birds. 

Thinking: Is Lucas the cutest baby boy ever?! YES.

Craving: LOTS of coffee. When I was pregnant with Lucas, I could not stand coffee, but now I basically need an IV of it to survive.

Loving: That I actually did a GOOD job with Trav's birthday present this year!!!

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and his present from me arrived yesterday (thanks for the super fast shipping, Amazon!). He is literally THE hardest person to shop for in the world. He had mentioned a while ago he wanted to get a charcoal grill, so I got him this one. Lo and behold, he actually LIKED it and said that it was the exact one he was planning on buying!! So, I don't have to return it! Woo hoo!

Watching: The Bachelorette. Duh.

My favorites right now are Aaron Roger's brother and Luke. Even better than watching the show is reading people's recaps online...this one had me cracking up. Chad = Donald Trump. Hilariously accurate. 

Planning: I may or may not have already started a Pinterest board for Lucas's first know, next May. Don't judge ;)

It's going to be a Hole in ONE Par-Tee! Eeek!

Happy June, friends!!


  1. Do you love that book? Do you think it helps?

  2. I love that you've already started planning for his first birthday party... 11 months in advance :)

  3. Yes, he really is the cutest! Love that you started a first birthday Pinterest board already for him. Seeing as these things sneak up SO quickly on me, I should probably start doing the same! Haha

  4. How did the shirts from target do you after you wash them... Some of the reviews online complain about shrinking...