Monday, June 16, 2014

Life with Ella {week 19}

We had quite a week!!! Get comfortable! :)

On Monday we went to Costco (Is it bad that this is an exciting part of my day?! It's always such a production!)...

...and Ella decided she was ready for ballet lessons immediately. Haha!

On Tuesday, we went to my friend, Janelle's pool! Ella loved sticking her feet in the water! Our pediatrician said it was ok, as long as we rinse her off afterwards. I'm excited our ped. also told us we can start putting sunscreen on her (I thought we had to wait till 6 months, but she said it was ok now)! 

Ok, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty miserable. We had to pack up my classroom...I think Ella could just sense the awfulness of this task, and she decided to pretty much scream the whole time we were at school for 2 days. 

Day 1:

And day 2:

I got smart on Thursday and brought the carrier, because on Wednesday she had been acting like she just wanted to be held. Well, unfortunately, even in the carrier, she still screamed for hours on end. When I am saying it was the worst 2 days ever, I am not even close to exaggerating! Thank GOD for 2 parent volunteers and their kids, who helped me out immensely. I would still be up at school throwing sh*t in boxes today if it hadn't been for them!!! I am so thankful that's over and done, would anyone like to babysit Ella in August so I can help my long-term sub set up my classroom?! ;)

Ella immediately cheered up once we got home Thursday (ha, funny how that happens!) and we were able to take her pictures for her dad's and grandpas' Father's Day gifts!

Well, poor Elle Belle did not catch a break, because after 2 days of screaming at school, on Friday, she had to go to the pediatrician to get her 4 month shots! Bless her little heart.

She didn't even like the rotovirus one this time...and that just tastes like sugar water! Poor, poor girl.

Here we go...

Sweet girl. That face was SO red. And the screams were bloodcurdling. 
So of course, we had do something fun after that...and what's more fun than a trip to Target?!?!?

We got some new bowls, spoons and rice cereal...and baby sunscreen! Good times. 
I gave Elle Belle some infant Tylenol when we got home, and she didn't seem to be as miserable as she was the day she got her 2 month shots. We were even able to go for a walk later that afternoon!

Saturday, we did yard work (surprise, surprise!). Ella supervised.

Saturday night, Kathryn had some of us girls over for a wine tasting party. It was similar to the one that Rachel and Dee hosted a few weeks ago! 

I didn't want to "cheat" and bring my winning Riesling again, so I googled "Best white wines for under $10" and saw that the Menage a Trios white blend was top-rated, so I brought some of that. It got freaking last place. What the heck?! The winner (for the whites) was a moscato, of all things!!! Next time I go to one of these parties, I'm sticking with what I know and bringing a sweeter wine!

Sunday was Trav's first Father's Day and we did a little bit more yard work...

...and FaceTimed with Grandma and Grandpa! 

Ella has been watching the World Cup with her dad, and loves to kick her little legs all crazy! Maybe we have a future little soccer player on our hands?!

Ella also helped her dad grill some salmon for dinner!

Here is our meal! {Note: I am NOT a food photographer!}

We have been trying to eat healthy and avoid grains at dinner... so we had (all from her recipes!) Grilled Garlic Dijon Herb SalmonString Beans with Garlic and Oil, and Heirloom Tomato Salad. Everything was super easy to make, and so, so, so fresh and delicious!

Ella also enjoyed sitting in her high chair watching us eat!

We were going to give her some rice cereal, but time slipped away from us and she needed a bath!

After bathing our little dolphin, it was time for a few cuddles with Daddy!

I'm glad we had a great weekend and Father's Day to round out an otherwise somewhat traumatic week! 

Yay for not having to pack up my classroom this week and double yay for all of my teacher friends being around to hang out with us all summer!! :)


  1. Fun recap! Cute outfits and good to know about that wine! So, when you saw long term sub. What does that mean?

    1. Thanks! :) I have someone who will be subbing for me until I return to the classroom in February!