Monday, June 9, 2014

Life with Ella {week 18}

Another week of adventures with my little Elle Belle!

PS-I think its worth documenting that these photos are getting more and more's a few outtakes from today!


On Monday, we waited around ALLLLL day for the electricians to come. 
{Long story short: they were going to put recessed lighting in our kitchen. After examining it further, it was going to be a much more involved-and expensive-project than we originally thought! So, we are for-going the recessed lighting for now.}

Ella's boyfriend, Rhys, also came over to play, but I unfortunately didn't get any pics of the lovebirds! 

To round out the busy day, Ella had a bath. Is there nothing better than a freshly-bathed baby wrapped up in a towel?! I think not.

Tuesday was Ella's 4 month birthday! We celebrated by cleaning the house (oh yay!)...

...and playing in the jumperoo!

Chels Bells also stopped over and we got to see her cute baby bump!

On Wednesday, we re-discovered the Happy video (still obsessed)...

...and met Kathryn for some Chipotle!

Thursday, we went to the mall to find a gift for my long-term sub!

We also went to get Natalie a wedding present...and while we were in Bed, Bath & Beyond, someone had the biggest blowout of her life! It was out. of. control. The poop actually leaked through the car seat and onto the stroller underneath. (Sorry!) Quite the disaster. So we spent the next hour in the garage, while I cleaned out the stroller. Yay.

Ella thought it was hilarious.

On Friday, we went back to the mall to get Ella's new swim suit monogrammed! Look at her face! Hahaha!

I know I'm supposed to be saving my money, but come on! How freaking cute is this?!?!

I can't wait for her to wear it at the pool soon!

Saturday was Travis' birthday...and let me tell you, homeboy does not get excited about his birthday ("It's just another day"....blah, blah, blah). Is this normal?! Does anyone else's husband get the same way?!

So, in typical Travis fashion, we spent his 30th birthday....doing yard work. Hooray. Ella was clearly not that excited about it either!

We did manage to get some of our friends together and we went out to Taco Mac, per Travis' request so he could watch the day's sporting events. 

After dinner, we spontaneously (WHAT!?) decided to go out with our group of friends. Luckily, Kathryn was more than willing to babysit last-minute (THANK YOU AGAIN times 20435729, Kathryn!), so I nursed Ella, changed her into her jammies, and dropped her off with Auntie Kaffy. Kathryn sent me this pic before I even got to the bar...glad she was an easy customer :)

Meanwhile, we had a great time out with our friends!! :)

On Sunday, Ella helped her dad recuperate from his big night out.

And we also met Auntie Kaffy for TCBY!

We have a pretty busy week planned this week! I have to pack up my classroom (wish me luck!) and we go for Ella's 4 month check-up and shots on Friday! 


  1. Brad isn't too big on his birthday either. It's January 7th and it's just sorta a sucky time of the year being after Christmas. BUT.. he is already planning a big bash for his 40th. He wants to delay it a few months and have a big lake party.
    Ella is so cute and I love that swimsuit!

  2. Haha Ella is so cute. Just wait, the weekly/monthly photos get even more difficult to take! Matt is obsessed with his birthday so I can't sympathize with you there!

  3. My husband is the exact same way! Love the monogrammed bathing suit!! Definitely have to splurge on items like that :)