Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Four Month Favorites

A few of Ella's (well really, my) favorite things for her 4th month!

1. SleepSack Swaddles: I know I said a few months ago that I didn't like these because Ella could bust out of them in .5 seconds. However, now that she is rolling, she really shouldn't be swaddled anymore, and these definitely helped us transition from the swaddles to a regular sleep sack!
2. Owl Patch Toys: Ella has these hanging from her playmat, and she loooooooves them! I also move them around so she's not looking at the same one in the same place all of the time, and they can also attach to her stroller/car seat! Travis calls them her "blowfish" haha. They are OWLS, Trav, geez!
3. Sophie: I finally get why this thing is like $25! Ella is obsessed with Sophie. She loves to chew on it, look at it, and is perplexed when it squeaks. Highly entertaining!

1. Aveeno bath products: I found the Aveeno stuff at Target (it was buy 3, get a $5 Target gift card, PLUS it was on Cartwheel for like 5% off AND I had a coupon, so major score!) and I've been really happy with it. I am not really into over-paying for baby shampoo, so we've never tried the more expensive brands (California Baby, Honest Co., etc.) but I've just heard Johnsons is bad. So I'm sticking with Aveeno :)
2. Bath thermometer: I highly recommend getting one of these! I always think the water is not hot enough for Ella, and then I stick the thermometer in...and whoops, its scalding! (Don't worry, I put her in after I get the right temperature!)
3. Pottery Barn Kids hooded towels are my faaaaaaavorite! So soft, so cute. Win, win. (The lamb is my personal fav.)

1. Portable Changing Station: I have had to change Ella everywhere, from the library, to restaurants, to the backseat of the car. Some of those places are just plain nasty and don't even have a changing table (that folds out from the wall). And I def don't want Ella getting poop all over the backseat of my car! So this thing has really gotten used A LOT and its a lifesaver!
2. Mommy Hook: Who the heck invented this?! I bet they are making a TON of money off something so simple and yet, so genius!!! I can't fit a lot in the basket under my stroller (and my diaper bag...forget about it!) so this is super handy to hang my diaper bag and all of my other shopping bags (whoops, shouldn't be spending money!) from!
3. Saline drops: These were a lifesaver when Ella was super congested a few weeks ago. Yes, kinda nasty, but very essential. 

Woohoo...another month of fun stuff!!!

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  1. We loved the Halo Sleep sack swaddles too. I mean, LOVED them.