Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Tour

Ok, so I know I had said I'd have these up a few days ago, but I have been so crazy busy and stressed out that I'm just now getting around to it! is my fourth grade classroom! Ready for all 24 (yes 24 and it could be more by tomorrow) students!! If some things look familiar, it's because yes, I did basically just copy my room from last year and set it up in another school! There's only so much I can do these days, people!

{hallway bulletin board}

{view from the door}

{Yay! Lots of storage this year!}

{The walls are like one big I had to make this big "bulletin board" for the word wall myself! It was kind of a maj project}

{More closets! These are where the kids will put their backpacks and coats. The owls above have study habits on the left are my morning & dismissal checklists and take home book checkout. THINK poster can be found here.}

{My reading area! The books on the black shelf and on top of the wood shelves are leveled A-Z, then the books underneath are sorted by theme. This only took me 7 years to do. Ha!}

{my desk area}

{school supplies, student data-in the metal crate-and teacher books/resources galore!}

{I know there is no "calendar" time in 4th grade, but I have to have a calendar so I know what day it is! All of my manuals are on the shelves below.}

{back board...with more shelves for textbooks and math manips underneath}

{I'm loving my behavior chart this year! My kids also seemed to like the Voice Levels poster when they came for open house! And we are reading the "Have you Filled A Bucket Today?" book tomorrow!}

{Close up of a student's desk! I've already assigned and passed out most of their textbooks because I don't have enough shelf space! These kids have A LOT of books! They also got the Starbursts for coming to open house! The word search is their morning work for tomorrow...quite a change from my old school! Don't judge me.}

{view from my desk}

{another view from the reading area}

I hope I'm ready for all of these kids!!! 
Good luck to all of the other teachers who are also starting school tomorrow!!!


  1. Have a great first day with all of your kiddos! Can't wait to hear what you think of 4th grade!

  2. I hope your first day went well!! Your classroom looks great!