Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bumpdate {17 weeks}

As per usual, this is a little tardy for the party. The first two days of school have me completely worn. out. I am so tired I can barely type this. Teaching while pregnant is no joke, kids. 

{August 23...and yes, I know my hair looks turrrrrble}

17 weeks (August 23)

Size of baby: an onion
Weight gain: Ok…the official weight at the doctor’s last Monday was 129. Which means I have gained 9 pounds. Yikes!!! I saw another doctor (an older man) this visit, and he said I needed to watch my weight gain! My mom says I’m fine. My real doctor said I could gain 35+ pounds…so who knows. I just hope its more evenly paced from here on out (pretty sure I gained most of this in like one week). 
Maternity clothes: Some shirts and pants, but I can still wear most of my regular shirts and dresses; and pants with the belly band. 
Gender: still going back and forth, but leaning towards boy now. 
Movement: I didn’t really feel the “gas bubbles” much this week, but hopefully that will pick up in this next week!
Cravings: Same....pasta, pickles, ice cream, Mac & cheese, cereal, berries
Symptoms: Just this round ligament pain that has flat out stopped me in my tracks a few times! 
Workouts: I only ran 4 times this week for a total 16 miles. It’s starting to get a little harder and my belly and boobs bouncing don’t help. Haha!
Sleep: Good! Going back to school has worn me out! Just getting up to pee a few times per night still…
What I miss: I came home from school on Friday and reallllllllllyyyy needed a stiff drink (or 5). Luckily, I went for a run instead and it relieved my stress just as well!
Best moment this week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat at the doctor. It was Trav’s first time hearing it, since he was out of town for my last appointment. Heartrate was 154. 
Looking forward to: Surviving the first week of school….hopefully these 4th graders won’t ask too many questions; I’m not ready to tell them about baby Ferg yet! 

K, I'm going to bed 7 PM. 


  1. Hoping you can keep your energy up - it is very tiring to be teaching and prego at the same time! You are halfway through the first week!

  2. I couldn't imagine teaching and being pregnant. I'm sure you're exhausted! Hope the first week continues to go well!!