Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five!!

I'm linking up again to share my 5 thoughts for this rainy Friday!!

1. I've been super productive this week working in my new classroom!!! Shout out to my mom, dad and sister in law for helping me move all of my crap on Monday from one school to the other!!! My new classroom was a mess, to say the least....last year it was a "storage room" of sorts and had so much random stuff, I was super overwhelmed! Here's the before:

PS- all of those cabinets were FULL of stuff!!!

I'm nowhere near done, but here's what my room looked like today before I left:

Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be ready for some kiddies!!!

2. My friend invited me to an Arbonne party this past week, and I must say, I was kinda impressed! The company is kind of like a European Mary Kay (selling face wash, lotions, makeup, etc.). We had to wash our faces and put a bunch of products on, and when I got home, I swear my skin looked better than usual! I may have bought too much and also won a free party, hahaha. 

3.  So after complaining last week that J. Crew didn't sell maternity clothes, I did discover that they have a whopping TWO pairs of maternity pants, that each cost $118.

{Also? This model doesn't even look a smidge preggers. #notimpressed}

 Sorry J. Crew, I would spend $100+ on pants I can wear anytime, but on pants I can only wear till January?! I think not. And how about some cute maternity tops?!?! Step up your game!!

4. I am kinda loving this rainy, cold weather! I'm totes planning on wearing these all weekend:

5. You all know about my obsession with Cantina 1511. I was there on Monday with my teacher friends from my old school....

And I'm going back tonight with friends for a girls night! We are also going to see "We're the Millers." Has anyone seen that yet? Is it funny? 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!