Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumpdate {weeks 13 & 14}

I'm back with more bump pics!! I'm almost all caught up now! :)

{July 26}

{August 2}

The bump is slowly but surely appearing...but is still not super obvious, which makes me feel fat 99% of the time!
And yes, I am trying to wear the same white shirt for all of my pics, so it will be easier to compare the bump size from week to week! 

Size of baby: a peach/lemon
Weight gain: At my doctor's appointment, I was up to 122. Since then, I'm pretty sure I've gained at least 2 more pounds, bringing my total to about 4 pounds so far. My appetite has been out of control.
Maternity clothes: I've started to wear some tops. No maternity pants yet, but I HAVE to wear my belly band with pants button anymore!!
Gender: I still go back and forth....some days I think girl, some days I think boy
Movement: nope but can't wait!
Cravings: Still tons of pasta and fruit. Pickles and ice cream (I'm SUCH a cliche!), mac & cheese, cereal, and these Fiber One lemon bars that I discovered at Costco. OMG they are so good!
Symptoms: STILL having some morning sickness! Why?!? When will it end?!? Other than that, I'm ok. A little tired this week, and some round ligament pain, but nothing terrible.
Workouts: 4 miles x 4 days at 10:00 mile pace for each week. I am getting REAL sick of the treadmill, it's too hot to run outside!
Sleep: As tired as I’ve been, I cannot fall asleep until 12:30-1:00 am! And then I get up at least twice to pee. At least I can sleep in…for now.
What I miss: I drove by Subway the other day and had the biggest craving!! I would really enjoy a big ol sub right now.
Best moment: Definitely my doctor’s appointment, where I got to see a very active and healthy Baby Ferg! He/she was moving all around in there, and both the ultrasound tech and my OB said everything looked great! A close second was (finally) sharing our news in Facebook/Instagram/the blog! It’s so great not to be keeping a secret anymore!!! My phone was blowing up all day…everyone is so happy and excited for us! Baby Ferg is so loved already!
Looking forward to: Popping out a little more. I’m in the awkward stage where I don’t look pregnant, but my stomach’s not flat either. I just look like I have a big ol’ beer gut. I want a baby bump instead, please!

I'll be back soon once I've taken my 15 week picture...then I'll be totally caught up and can write about something else for a little while! :)


  1. I totally discovered those lemon bars too! I got them at the grocery store, so good to know I can buy them in bulk at Costco since I already had two today... love the chalkboard!

  2. Your chalkboards look great!
    Are you getting morning sickness only in the morning? I really didn't have it bad, but I would eat something (like pound cake) while I was still in bed so that I wouldn't start my day on an empty stomach. I really only felt icky when I was hungry.

  3. Pickles and ice-cream haha :) So much fun!!