Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumpdate {1st trimester}

Yay!!! I FINALLY got my computer back from being fixed!!! I am so behind now with these bump pics/prego thoughts, that I figured I would just combine the whole first trimester into one big post!! 

Here are my "bump" pics...not really any bumps present, but it was a good chance for me to practice my chalkboard skills! Although, I'll never be this chick. Don't judge me. 

{June 14}

{June 21}

No week 9 because we were in Italy!!

{July 5}

{July 12}

{July 19}
{not sure why I'm making the worst face ever in this picture!}

I'm trying really hard in that 12 week picture to make it look like I have a bump....but don't worry. The bump shall appear soon-ish, friends!

And a few thoughts on the lovely (note the sarcasm) first trimester of FUN:

Size of baby: It started as an appleseed (week 5) and ended as a plum (week 12)!
Weight gain: Thanks to the speedy pregnancy metabolism and morning sickness, I actually lost about 4-5 pounds in the beginning! But then, I ended the first trimester being about 2-3 pounds up from my original pre-pregnancy weight (thank you, Italy and your delicious food).

Maternity clothes: I busted out the belly band in Italy after a full meal and never looked back. That thing is awesome!! No full-blown maternity outfits at this point, but the belly band is becoming more and more crucial. The pants are getting tight, kids.
Gender: I have honestly no clue. My original gut instinct was girl, but I just get so confused the more I think about it! HA!
Movement: none yet!

Cravings: Tomatoes (tomato sauce, salsa, just plain tomatoes...), pasta, fruit (especially any kind of berry), Kraft mac & cheese (not Velveeta!), popsicles. In the very beginning I was obsessed with lime-flavored things, but I'm over that now. 
Symptoms: MORNING SICKNESS kicked my butt. Thank god for Zofran! It was especially awful during weeks 6-8. Also during the *fun fun fun* weeks 6-8 were fatigue, sore boobs, and headaches. The morning sickness continued for the rest of the 12 weeks, but the fatigue got better and the headaches have lessened. 
Workouts: I have definitely been running a lot less than I am normally used to, but still hitting the treadmill 4-5 times per week. I run 4 miles each time. (I used to do 6 miles/day pre-pregnancy.) I've also had to slow down a TON so I don't get my heart rate too high and get overheated. I usually ran at about a 7:30 minute mile pace; now I'm down to a 10:00 minute mile pace!! AHH! 
Sleep: Great so far, other than getting up once or twice to pee during the night!
What I miss: It would have been nice to have a cocktail on my birthday, I’m just sayin’…
Best moments: Telling close family and friends; seeing baby on the ultrasound monitor at 8 weeks and charting his/her little heart beat! 
Looking forward to: The end of morning that possible?!

I'll be back soon to recap week 13 & 14...and then I'll be all caught up! :)