Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bumpdate {16 weeks}

I am just now posting this because I have been SO insanely busy with school stuff! Hopefully, I can post pics of my classroom by Thursday/Friday, so y'all can see what I've been up to lately! :)

{August 15}

Pretty sure my weekly pics are getting worse...I am apparently having the worst hair day ever here and my face is super red (and fat) for some reason? I would really like to be one of those chicks who gets prettier with pregnancy...come on, Baby Ferg!! Get it together!

PS...I def wrote the following on Friday.
(Which is why I keep referencing Monday, aka yesterday, as in the future!)

Size of baby: an avocado
Weight gain: The scale is (thankfully) still at the same place as last week, about 6-8 lbs. total. I'll find out for sure what the damage is at my doctor's appointment Monday.
Maternity clothes: I broke in my maternity jeans this week, and they. are. awesome. I might need to buy some more!!!
Gender: still confused and waiting for September 21...
Movement: I felt a few more gas bubbles/flutters, but it's been kinda inconsistent and I'm still not sure if it really is the baby. Can't wait for the jabs!!
Cravings: Same....pasta, pickles, ice cream, Mac & cheese, cereal, berries
Symptoms: The morning sickness is finally over (I think...knock on wood)!!!! I haven't taken a zofran in over a week, so I hope it's really gone!!! I am starting to have more consistent round ligament pain and headaches though. But those are better than nausea!
Workouts: 4 miles x 5 days at 10:00 mile pace. Still feeling pretty good with the running! We shall see how long I can keep this up!
Sleep: Really good, other than getting up to pee. I've been trying to get myself back on more of a routine, and I've been able to fall asleep by like 11!
What I miss: mornings sickness...hahahaha, I kid! Nothing really this week, I'm doing pretty good!
Best moment this week: getting my classroom moved and organized!! Such a relief to have that out of the way!! Thanks again to my amazing family!! Baby Ferg appreciates you not letting me do any heavy lifting!!
Looking forward to: Hearing baby's heartbeat at the doctor's on sound ever!!! And meeting my students at open house Thursday!!!

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  1. Oh you look great!!! I hope the open house goes well tonight!!