Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress!

I really need to be better about writing more on this blog than these Wedding Wednesday posts! However, with 27 days left of school and 46 days until my wedding, I don't see tons of blog posts in the near future! 
Saahhhrrryy friends!

However, I do have a special treat for you....some pretty wedding dresses!!! :)

I went wedding dress shopping last Memorial Day weekend with my mom and cousin...we went to Hayden OliviaJ. Major's and NY Bride & Groom. I found a dress I loved at Hayden Olivia, and then another one that I loved just as much at J. Major's! After sleeping on it for a few nights, I went back to both places with Kathryn (of course!) and tried on both dresses again. 
I decided....on the Hayden Olivia dress! I'm so excited to be one of their brides! They have amazing customer service...I have called them several times (haha...I'm psycho) and they are always so friendly and helpful! Their alterations lady is also awesome (So far....but I'll let you know the final verdict on her when I have my final fitting at the end of this month!)!!
If you need a wedding dress, I highly recommend going to Hayden Olivia!!!!

Anyways. I'm keeping my dress a secret (and I also will not show you the "runner up" dress)...but I will show you some gorg dresses that I tried on and did not choose! (But they are still pretty! Just not "the one"!) I'm also not showing you me in the dress...mostly because I am making the worst faces ever in the pictures!

And then some more that I just like....

Was that enough pretty dresses for you!?!?

Sorry this was the biggest teaser post EVER
You'll just have to wait 46 more days to see what my real wedding dress looks like!!! :)

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