Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Cake!

...Well, actually, the cupcakes! 

Don't get me wrong, I do love the look of wedding cakes...
like these:

However, if you know me at all, you know I am slightly obessesed with cupcakes! 
Like, I used to bake themed cupcakes at least once a month for my class (back in the day before this extended school day nonsense!)

{exhibit A: bat cupcakes for Halloween! No, I will not be serving these at my wedding, don't worry! Just one of the only pics I could find!}

OH, and hiiiiiii, have you read the name of my blog?!

I mean, HELLO. Clearly, I need to have cupcakes at my wedding. 

My baker, Gail with Cheesecake, Etc., is amazing (of course), and luckily for me, she makes cupcakes, too!

I LOVED going cupcake tasting! We did it the day after my birthday last summer, so it was like an extended birthday celebration for me! And, this was one of the only things that Travis actually had an interest in! We tried so many delicious kinds of cake, but finally decided on Red Velvet (our favorite), toasted almond (mmmmm), and chocolate (she told us we should probably get one "normal" flavor)!!

We will have a top tier (red velvet flavor!) to cut into that will look like the top tier of this cake:
{I just love the little sugar pearls!!}

She is also going to make another top tier for us to have on our 1 year anniversary (since I can't imagine eating a 1 year old cake that's been cut into...blech)!

The cupcakes will be below the top tier (obvi), and will be the same Carolina blue color with white sugar pearls! I'm so excited!!! I just hope I get to eat at least one cupcake....I've heard from numerous brides that they never got to eat their cake (except for that first piece from the cake cutting)!! Also, I really hope Travis is nice and doesn't smoosh it in my face...or worse, get it all over my dress!! 

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  1. Sadly, I did not eat one of our cupcakes at our wedding :( I so wish I did so make sure you get to!!!